Is It Appropriate For Men To Wear Swimming Briefs For Swimming? Who Should Wear Swimming Briefs For Men

Abstract: there are many styles for men’s swimming trunks to choose from. Triangle swimming trunks are a kind of common swimming trunks. Their advantages are that they are sexy, can fully show their body, show their long legs, have small swimming resistance and are comfortable to wear; The disadvantage of the triangle swimsuit is that there is less cloth, which will be embarrassing in special circumstances. It is not inappropriate for men to swim in the swimming trunks. The swimming trunks are also suitable for male friends who are confident in their own body, have a shorter lower body and have a better proportion of legs. Let’s learn about men’s swimming briefs< p> I. is it appropriate for men to wear swimming briefs

Good swimming trunks should be comfortable and durable. They should be like the second layer of human skin. In this way, swimming will be more comfortable. Many male friends will choose triangle swimming trunks when choosing swimming trunks. How about men’s triangle swimming trunks

1. Advantages of triangle swimming trunks

The main advantage of the triangle swimwear is that it is “sexy”. Among many swimwear styles, the triangle swimwear is undoubtedly the most sexy. It has fewer packages, which can fully show the body. Moreover, the triangle visually lengthens the legs, and the proportion looks better; In addition, men wear triangle swimming trunks, which are close fitting and reduce the sense of bondage. They will also be more comfortable when swimming and have less resistance when swimming; There is also the design of the triangle swimming trunks. The support at the bag belt also makes the wearer comfortable

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2. Disadvantages of triangle swimming trunks

Most of the people who usually wear swimming trunks are Westerners. For some friends who pay attention to being implicit, the bare swimming trunks will make people feel naked. Moreover, due to the lack of cloth, the state of male genitals is often at a glance, which may be embarrassing in special circumstances

In general, the advantages and disadvantages of swimming trunks are quite obvious. It is not inappropriate or inappropriate for men to wear swimming trunks when swimming. If they are in good shape, they are very attractive

II. Who should wear men’s swimming briefs

In terms of the style of swimming trunks, triangle swimming trunks are only one of them. When choosing swimming trunks, it is recommended to choose the appropriate style according to your body shape, which is more beautiful. What kind of men should wear triangle swimming trunks

1. Men who are confident about their body and can show their six pack muscles and Mermaid lines are more suitable to wear swimming trunks. After all, they can fully show their body

2. People with short lower body can consider wearing high waist triangle swimsuits, which can visually lengthen the proportion of legs. If they wear boxer shorts, their legs may be shorter

3. The low waist slit swimming trunks are suitable for the friends who want to make their legs longer

Of course, if the body proportion is not particularly good, or you are ashamed to show your body, it is better to wear flat angled swimming trunks. The leg fitting tailoring allows the trouser legs to cover the upper half of your thighs, so that your body shape is faint but you won’t feel uncomfortable

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