Swimming Equipment What Are The Suggestions For Using Swimming Equipment

Abstract: in summer, friends who like swimming must be impatient again. Swimming is a sport that many people like. Especially in the hot summer, partners who can swim or not like to soak in the water to feel cool and comfortable. Do you know what swimming equipment is? Swimming clothes, swimming caps, goggles, earplugs, bath towels, slippers and nose clips are all required for swimming. If you are a beginner, you also need floating objects. Let’s have a look with Xiaobian< p> what are the swimming equipment

1. Swimwear

Men usually wear swimming shorts, and a few people swim naked. Women usually wear swimsuits. Swimwear and trousers need to fit. If it is too big, simply take a dip in the water when swimming, which will increase the body load and resistance and affect the swimming movement. Therefore, swimming clothes and trousers should be comfortable to wear. As for the quality, the middle-aged and the elderly should choose pure wool or cotton wool products, with dark color as appropriate. Young people can choose beach style nylon swimsuits and trousers, and colorful ones are better, which can increase the aesthetic feeling

2. Swimming cap

When swimming, you should wear a swimming cap, especially for women, which can prevent the hair from scattering. Sometimes poor water quality can prevent hair from turning yellow. The swimming cap should be made of nylon or rubber with tightness, which should not be too large, or it will simply fall off

3. Goggles

If the water is not clean, the bacteria can easily enter the eyes when swimming, resulting in the onset of red eye disease. In order to prevent eye disease, it is necessary to wear swimming glasses for swimming. For beginners of swimming, wearing swimming glasses can also correct the problem that they can’t open their eyes in the water

4. Earplugs

It is difficult to prevent water from flowing into the ears when swimming. The ears are very uncomfortable after water enters, sometimes causing pain and affecting hearing. Earplugs should be provided to prevent water from entering the ears

5. Floating objects

Novice swimmers should bring their own floating objects. For example: life buoy (jacket), foam plastic, buoy, water lifting plate, floating sleeve, etc. However, when you bring these items, you should always check whether the life jackets and rings have air leakage to prevent accidents

6. Bath towels and slippers

Bath towels and slippers are essential items for swimmers. In the interval of swimming or after swimming, go ashore, dry your body with a towel, put on a bath towel, and put on slippers, which can not only keep warm, prevent cold, but also clean. In winter swimming, it is not short

7. Nose clip

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