what color looks good inside the white coat

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the white coat looks white, versatile and good-looking. It is very seasonal in winter. White represents elegance, cleanness and temperament. So what color looks good inside the white coat

what color looks good inside the white coat

wear white inside the white coat

wear white bottomed shirt inside the white coat, the collocation of the whole body white is the most pure and economical, and the collocation of the same color will never make mistakes. I don’t know whether the fashion industry is getting lazier or something. The collocation of the same color is actually the most photographed

wear black inside the white coat

classic black-and-white matching can best create a big brand style. The strong contrast of black inside the white coat is also easy to attract eyeballs

khaki is worn inside the white coat

it is said that khaki is the easiest color to create temperament, and the combination of khaki and white will not feel abrupt at all, and will add points to the elegance index

what to match under the short tweed jacket

pink short tweed jacket + black leather skirt

pink is a particularly gentle color, and pink is also popular in spring and autumn. This short pink tweed jacket has a unique style, and the short design can well lengthen the body proportion. It is elegant, generous and knowledgeable to match with a fashionable and sexy leather skirt

: Flower grey short woolen jacket + Black knitted buttock skirt

this flower grey short woolen jacket belongs to the Korean version of princess style. The white wool collar makes this dress more lovely and warm. It is simple, generous and sexy when paired with a very tall black knitted buttock skirt

what kind of pants does the white coat match

the white coat matches the high waist and wide leg pants

although it is said that the coat is used to keep out the cold, it is better to choose one that suits you. So the little fairy, you’d better pick this kind of short white coat and wear high waist jeans and wide leg pants, so that you can be tall and thin

off white fur collar coat with woolen trousers of the same color

in winter, it is really popular to wear this off white coat. Compared with the dull dark color, this light color coat is certainly much more beautiful. In addition, off white is also very versatile and does not pick people. The most important thing is that it can also set off white skin! Choose such a pair of woolen trousers in the same color as the coat to look thin and good-looking

the khaki color inside the white coat is a good match, and it won’t be very abrupt when matched. The black and white inside the white coat should be known by everyone. There is no mistake in wearing white with the same color inside the white coat

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