What Is The General Fabric Of Beach Pants? What Is The Difference Between Beach Pants And Swimming Trunks

Abstract: beach pants are usually worn when playing on the beach. Beach pants are made of light and thin fabrics such as cotton fabric, cotton polyester blended fabric, elastic cotton fabric and sweat fabric. The fabric is comfortable and requires no water absorption, quick drying and fiber inner mesh pocket. Beach pants and swimsuits are two kinds of common pants on the beach. Although they can be worn into the water, they are different in use, material, shape and so on. Let’s take a look at the difference between beach pants and swimming trunks< p> I. what is the general fabric of beach pants

As the name suggests, beach pants are pants worn on the beach. Generally, the fabrics are required to be comfortable, hygroscopic and breathable. The commonly used fabrics for beach pants include all cotton fabrics, cotton polyester blended fabrics, elastic cotton fabrics, sweat fabrics, etc. generally, poplin, plain and twill fabrics are very suitable for the production of beach pants. The main requirements for beach pants fabrics are:

1. The fabric does not absorb water. Good beach pants do not have strong water absorption. Even if they have been soaking in water, the water will flow away quickly after landing. They will not stay in the pants, so that the trouser legs will be filled with heavy water

2. Quick drying, professional beach pants fabric can be quickly dried after landing, which is convenient

3. There is a fiber inner net pocket inside the trouser pocket, and there is a small hole embedded with a metal ring at the bottom of the trouser pocket. This design is to facilitate the flow of seawater and sand into the trouser pocket through the small metal hole

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II. What is the difference between beach pants and swimming trunks

When going to the seaside or water park, many friends will wear beach pants or swimming trunks. Some people think that beach pants are swimming trunks, but in fact there are some differences between them. The differences between beach pants and swimming trunks are mainly in the following aspects:

1. Purpose

Beach pants are relatively loose and thin tied closed necked shorts, which are mainly used for beach play and vacation leisure. When going out to play, it is enough to simply match a jacket. However, swimming pants have requirements in the professional field, which are formal swimming equipment, requiring that the resistance between swimming pants and water should be small

2. Material

The beach pants are large underpants made of a kind of quick drying fabric. They have their own underpants, and the interior of the fabric has mesh to ensure that the beach pants can dry quickly when they are wet. The material of swimming trunks is mainly waterproof, firm and elastic, in order to facilitate swimming

3. Shape

Beach pants generally have only the shape of big underpants; The swimming trunks have different shapes, such as triangle and angle. You can wear swimming trunks of different shapes according to different occasions

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