what kind of pants do you wear with the long sweater

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the sweater is a very versatile dress. In daily life, we can see many young people wearing the sweater, and the most popular version is the long sweater. The loose style can make you look thinner

what kind of pants do you wear with a long sweater?

the missing lower body method is the preferred way to wear a long sweater, which is suitable for girls with slender legs. A long sweater with tight pants is the most common way to wear, and a long sweater with shorts is very suitable for autumn. There are generally three types of long clothes, one is just the length that can cover the hips, the other is the length below the hips and above the knees, and the other is the full sense of long clothes, the length of which is below the knees. The first is the most popular style, because both short and tall girls can be well controlled. Short girls can look tall and thin in this length of sweater, and can also wear a cool and sexy style. For tall girls, they can show their long legs

what to match with the

big hat + drawcord design under the medium length sweater, which is full of leisure! Wear it with grey leggings and small white shoes to give people a sense of youth and vitality. It’s better to wear a long cotton padded jacket on a cold winter day! If you choose a medium length sweater, you can play with the missing lower body. Just show off your long legs and wear hip-hop style easily! Fishtail skirt medium length sweater, a very cute style, with black bottomed socks, a very good cover for the meat of the waist and abdomen, a very fashionable one for age reduction! Stripe stitching at the neckline and cuffs and a fake two-piece design add a lot of movement. The combination of popular elements, fashionable and generous! The lettered print on the chest is simple and durable. The loose version has the leisure feeling of Han fan’er. It’s OK to add a coat in winter! Elastic collar and cuffs, wind proof design, warm and comfortable. Match with leggings to show more playful temperament

matching method for long-length clothes

1. Grey medium length clothes + black leggings, which have been introduced n times, are really a specially recommended item. No matter what clothes you wear, they are very good-looking. With this personalized hole grey medium length clothes, the sense of fashion is instantly improved by two degrees

2. Pink Medium Length sweater + black leather pants. Black leather pants are a must-have item in spring, autumn and winter. They are stylish and thin. They are very fashionable to match with sweaters, coats, bread suits and sweaters. They are simple, grand and fashionable to match with this pink medium length sweater

3. White medium and long sweater + blue jeans with holes. White is a very foreign color. This white medium and long sweater belongs to the sports style. With a pair of fashionable blue jeans with holes, it looks fashionable, generous and full of youthful vitality

4. Light pink medium length sweater + grey leggings. The matching of pink medium length sweater and black leather pants. The color of this matching sweater belongs to light pink. It is simple, generous, pink, tender and lovely when matched with a pair of exotic grey leggings

5. Black long sweater + Black Knee Boots. As a must-have item in autumn and winter, knee boots are favored by many beauties. They are fashionable and handsome with a handsome black long sweater

it is a very common way to wear a long sweater with tight pants. In autumn in the south, this method can show your figure. Short girls can look tall and thin in this length of sweater, which is very sexy to wear

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