Which Shows Leg Length In Summer Wearing 7-Point Pants Or 9-Point Pants? 7-Point Pants Or 9-Point Pants

Abstract: apart from shorts, the most common pants to wear in summer are cropped pants or cropped pants. In particular, the wide leg pants, a loose style of pants, have a variety of lengths that make us dazzled. Not all girls are suitable for wearing Capris or Capris. You may not wear the pants that are most suitable for you and best reflect your body advantage! People with long and straight legs look good in 7-point pants, while 9-point pants are more versatile. Next, let’s take a look at which leg is longer in Capris and Capris< p> the difference between cropped pants and cropped pants

“Capris”. Just as the name suggests, the trousers are seven minutes long and reach below the knee. The beautiful calf, including seven or three parts, can also show personal beauty

“Nine point trousers” means that the length of trousers is made according to nine points (9/10) of the normal length of human trousers. Or when the length of the pants reaches the ankle position after being worn on the body, it is called nine point pants

The difference between cropped trousers and cropped trousers will be more obvious when short girls wear them. Therefore, we must choose the right pants to avoid embarrassment, and learn to cover up the defects when wearing clothes. High waist cropped pants are the right choice, and wide leg low waist cropped pants are the misunderstanding that must be avoided

The measurement standards of cropped trousers and cropped trousers are not necessarily the same as what Xiaobian said. For people with long legs, the nine point trousers may have the effect of wearing eight point trousers, and for short mm, it may exceed the ankle. But as long as it is within the standard range, about 3cm is normal

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which leg length is displayed in two, seven or nine point pants

The cropped pants do not change the original body proportion, and the leg length is only relative to the cropped pants. When the weight is proportional to the height, the cropped pants are just below the knee. If this kind of cropped pants is not a high waist design, but also a wide leg pants type, it must be short. The wide leg pants have a strong sense of falling, and have a visual effect of compressing the proportion of the body. Instead of the high waist design, the cropped pants shorten the leg length by a certain length. Therefore, the cropped pants are more leg length

III. 7-point pants or 9-point pants in summer

1. Long legs and smooth lines are suitable for wearing Capris

Such a good-looking calf, no matter wearing tight or loose Capris, has no pressure, because such a calf will not give people the feeling of thick legs, but will make people feel that your lower body is very slender

2. If the legs are not straight, it is suitable to wear cropped pants

Many girls’ legs are not straight because of their long-term sitting posture and walking habits. Such a leg can be covered up by wearing in addition to being corrected later. For example, cropped trousers

Loose cropped pants can’t see your leg shape, and if you happen to be a tall man, you can wear a supermodel figure with it

3. Short and suitable for wearing cropped pants

Nine point trousers and high waist design can lengthen your height by 20 cm every minute, but don’t wear too fat style, otherwise being short will backfire! It’s better to wear high heels. Who can tell that you only have 1.5 meters

The reverse is the same. Don’t wear cropped pants if your legs are not straight. If your legs are not smooth, wear cropped pants. If your tall legs are long, you can choose your favorite pants

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