Why Choose Cropped Pants? How To Choose Cropped Shorts That Suit You

Abstract: cropped pants are a kind of pants that are often worn in summer. The reason why many friends like these pants is that they are comfortable to wear, and have various types and easy to match. Most friends can choose the appropriate cropped pants and the clothes to match them. When selecting cropped pants, we mainly pay attention to selecting the appropriate fabrics, pants types, and Elements and the length of the cropped pants. Now let’s learn how to choose a pair of cropped pants< p> I. why choose cropped pants

When summer comes, everyone will choose comfortable and fashionable pants to go out. Quarter length pants are a popular kind of summer shorts, so why wear quarter length pants? There are many reasons to choose Capris, mainly including:

1. Comfortable to wear

The length of the cropped pants is near the knee, which can make the legs to the feet cool and refreshing. It is more comfortable to wear in hot summer, but it will not be too short like shorts

2. Various models

There are many styles of cropped pants to choose from, including fabric, pant type, design, etc. there are many choices, which are suitable for a variety of fashion styles

3. Easy to match

The cropped pants can be matched with a variety of tops and shoes. Although it can not be said to be versatile, the matching range is quite wide. Most friends can choose the appropriate clothes to match the cropped pants in their own style

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II. How to choose your own 5-point shorts

The 5-point shorts have a variety of styles. They are cool and comfortable to wear. They are especially suitable for summer. However, in order to look good in the 5-point pants, in addition to matching, the choice of the 5-point pants itself is also very important. When selecting the 5-point pants, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Fabric selection

Cropped shorts are pants worn in summer. The fabrics commonly used to make cropped shorts in the market include pure cotton, denim and linen. Different fabrics have different characteristics. Cotton cropped pants are comfortable but not wrinkle resistant; Denim cropped pants have a stiff texture and perform well in decorating the leg shape. They are very suitable for friends who pursue the trend or have leg shape defects; Linen Capris are cool and comfortable. You can choose them according to your own needs

2. Selection of pants

The pants types of cropped shorts are generally divided into two types: loose and tight, which should be selected according to their own leg type and body shape. Loose cropped shorts are suitable for friends with long legs and can modify their leg lines, but people with short legs should try to avoid them, otherwise “short and thick legs” are easy to be exposed; Tight five point shorts are quite tall. Friends with good figure can try it boldly. In addition, the type of pants will also affect the choice of fabrics. Tight style, light and thin fabrics are appropriate; If it is a loose style, the fabric is crisp and stylish

3. Stress on elements

There are many design elements in the cropped shorts, including holes, stripes, prints, pockets, etc. among them, the two elements of printing and pockets are more common. The large-area printed cropped shorts are not suitable for overweight friends. The Multi Pocket Shorts are suitable for work clothes trendsetters, but they should be carefully selected if they are fat and have short legs

4. Length selection

The length of the cropped pants is generally to the knee, and different versions have certain differences. Generally speaking, whether it is tall or small, the length of the cropped pants is about 2cm above the knee, which is ideal. Do not get stuck at the knee

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