Don’T Put Anything In The Bedroom. Precautions For Placing Items In The Bedroom

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Abstract: sleeping in the bedroom directly affects the quality of sleep and physical well-being, so if you want to have good sleep and physical health, you must pay attention to the placement of green plants and electrical appliances in the bedroom. So, what should we pay attention to when placing items in the bedroom? What are the items that should not be put in the bedroom? Next, let’s have a look

you can’t put anything in the bedroom

1. No swords in the bedroom

Some people like to collect some knives or swords, and even some people like to hang them in their rooms. But generally speaking, swords are evil, so try not to put them in the room

2. Do not put cultural relics or ancient objects

Cultural relics or ancient objects are relatively precious, and they all want to be treasured in private places, such as bedrooms. However, cultural relics or ancient objects belong to “outdated” objects. Feng Shui emphasizes “flourishing” or “flourishing”, rather than contacting some outdated objects, such as oracle bone inscriptions. Although they are priceless, they are not used now. If there are a lot of cultural relics or ancient objects in the room, it is easy to lose spirit at work and not be reused. The manager often wants to sleep and often has strange dreams

3. Gods should not be placed in the bedroom

Most people know that Gods cannot be placed in the room. Generally, they are placed in the living room or set up a Buddhist hall or a room for special worship

4. Fish tanks should not be placed in the bedroom

Although the fish tank has the function of enriching wealth and transforming evil spirits, it is water inside, which is also the most Yin thing. The room is a place for people to rest their Yang Qi, and it cannot be placed. Generally, the fish tank is placed in a bright place, such as the living room or near the door, and it is good to have a good luck together

5. Flowers and fake flowers should not be placed in the bedroom

Many friends, especially female friends, like to bring green vitality to the bedroom with flowers and plants, but generally do not place plants such as flowers and plants, but mainly large leaves and auspicious green plants. Flowers and fake flowers may have an impact on your health

precautions for placing items in the bedroom

1. Avoid: too many electrical appliances

Electrical radiation damages human health more or less. Don’t set the TV at the end of the bed. Your feet are your second heart. If the TV in standby mode is facing the foot of the bed, the radiation may affect the meridian operation and blood circulation of your feet

It is not advocated to put a TV in the bedroom, but if there is a TV in the room, you will definitely lie in bed and watch the program, which may cause spinal defects or neurasthenia

In addition, many people still turn on their mobile phones and put them at the head of the bed when they sleep. The mobile phone will still spread electromagnetic waves in standby mode. If it is placed around when sleeping, and the human body touches the electromagnetic waves for a long time, it is very bad for health

2. Avoid: sundries pile under the bed

Bed is a place to sleep. Only when you sleep well can you work well. However, the accumulation of many objects under the bed will disturb the aura of the bedroom, and the exhaust gas will be stagnant and multiply mold, which is bad for your health. It may also affect the sleep of family members, which constitutes insomnia and dreaminess. Lack of sleep will affect the work of the next day

3. Avoid: put green plants at will

Green plants can regulate indoor air, absorb dust, produce oxygen, absorb a variety of harmful gases, and purify indoor air. However, when there is a lack of light at night, carbon dioxide will be released. For example, if doors and windows are blocked during sleep, people will be in an anoxic environment for a long time, resulting in long-term fatigue. And some green plants and flowers are rich in toxins, which damage health

In the bedroom, you can put a few water plants such as Fuguizhu or cactus and aloe plants. Cactus releases oxygen 24 hours, which is a suitable plant for indoor cultivation; Don’t put evening primrose, tulip, oleander, rose and Lily in the bedroom. If you put them indoors for a long time, it will cause dizziness, cough, even asthma and insomnia

4. The door or bed of the bedroom is facing the toilet

Moisture and odor gather in the toilet. Flushing the toilet will also produce many tiny particles of dirt, which are widely dispersed in the air. If the bedroom door or bed is opposite to the toilet door, it will affect your health and cause bone and muscle pain. Especially on the days of strong wind, it is very bad for the internal environment of the bedroom. It is suggested that the toilet door should avoid being opposed to the front of the bedroom, and can be biased at an angle. The bed should avoid overlapping with the toilet door

5. Try to avoid putting mirrors in the bedroom

If you really want to put a mirror, the general principle is that when you wake up unintentionally, don’t put a mirror in the line of sight when you open your eyes, but it’s OK when you’re out of sight. In addition, if there is a wardrobe in the room, it is no problem to set a dressing mirror at the inner door of the wardrobe

6. Try not to put the bed under the beam

The beam is the main structure of the building, which has its significant aura and psychological implications. Even if the compass is placed under the beam, the pointer will change direction, which indicates that the beam will produce magnetic induction. People also have magnetic fields and micro electric systems. If people sleep under the beam for a long time, the human body will be directly negatively affected, and they will be mentally weak and can’t sleep well

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