How To Identify Kappa? How To Identify Kappa

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Abstract: if you haven’t heard of kappa kappa, you must have seen this back-to-back logo. Kappa’s brand logo is very well-known and has been wildly stolen by the market. Kappa’s back-to-back logo is printed on some clothing and shoes of unknown brands, which is also easy to mislead consumers who want to buy real kappa products. So how to identify the authenticity of kappa? Together with the incoming materials and next

how to identify the authenticity of kappa

1. Look at the tag

All the tags of kappa, both male and female, have the product number and counter price, as well as the tag of the fabric used in this style. Fabric tags vary with different fabrics, generally rectangular

2. Look at the logo

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Kappa’s logo is an image of a man and a woman sitting with their backs against their backs, with men on the left and women on the right. Men and women can be identified from the logo image

The plumpness and uniformity of the head lines on the fake kappa logo are poor. Compared with the real kappa, the fake kappa is more like baldness

The upturned shape of the fingers on the real kappa logo is very clear, and there is no dividing line between the heads and hands of men and women

On the real kappa logo, the soles of men’s feet are divided into “toes”, while the fake ones have no “toes”, or men have no toes, and women have toes, which are all fake

There is a small triangular dent on the abdomen of both men and women on the real kappa logo, and the lines of women’s chest are relatively soft. Fake kappa usually doesn’t notice this detail

3. Look at the trademark

All collar trademarks of kappa are inverted trapezoid. No matter what style, there are words and sizes of kappa on the inverted trapezoid. X Large under the words of kappa is the size, which is written in English in XL. If it is m, it is medium. The square collar mark is fake because it is not inverted trapezoid. Sometimes the authentic surplus order will also have no collar trademark

4、look at the zipper

The zippers on kappa clothes are YKK zippers, with kappa logo on the front and YKK logo on the back

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