How To Lose Weight By Swimming

Abstract: in addition to keeping fit and making people happy, swimming is also a very effective weight loss exercise. Some people say that I swim 1000 meters every day, and the amount of exercise should not be small. How can I not be thin? Maybe it’s because you don’t control your diet after swimming, or you don’t exercise enough. So, how to swim to lose weight? It’s best to swim fast and short, or practice in time. Now, let’s get to know< p> is swimming effective in reducing weight

The weight loss effect of swimming is as good as that of running on the treadmill, and if you choose the appropriate swimming posture and intensity, swimming can lose weight than running. Take swimming for 10 minutes as an example. Breaststroke can burn 60 calories, backstroke can burn 80 calories, freestyle can burn 100 calories, and butterfly can burn 150 calories

what equipment is required for swimming

1. Swimsuit

Men generally wear swimming shorts, and a few people swim naked; Women usually wear swimsuits. Swimsuits and trousers need to fit. If they are too big, they simply take a dip in the water during swimming, which will increase the body’s load and resistance, and affect the swimming movement. Therefore, swimsuits and trousers should be comfortable to wear. As for the quality, the middle-aged and the elderly should choose pure wool or cotton wool products, and the dark color is appropriate. Young people can choose beach style nylon swimsuits and trousers, and the bright color is better, which can increase the beauty

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2. Swimming cap

When swimming, you should wear a swimming cap, especially for women, which can prevent your hair from getting messy. Sometimes, poor water quality can also prevent your hair from turning yellow. The swimming cap should be made of nylon or rubber with tightness, which should not be too large, or it will simply fall off

how to swim to lose weight

1. Use skirting board

Water toys such as kickboards, paddles, fins and lifebuoys not only help burn more calories, but also exercise the muscles of the limbs

2. Fast short distance tour

Many people swim slowly, which consumes far less calories than fast and short distance swimming. However, fast swimming should not run through the whole process, otherwise physical exertion will be too fast. One slow tour can be followed by one fast tour, and two slow tours can be followed by two fast tours

3. Practice in time

Like the training of professional swimmers, the swimming is divided into four sections, and the rest between sections is 15-30 seconds. The specific arrangement is to swim 1 round trip, then 2 round trips, then 2 round trips, and finally 1 round trip. At the end of each section, you should swim quickly

4. Go all out when swimming

Keep the heart rate at about 80% of the maximum heart rate. In order to ensure this standard, count the number of times the pulse jumps in 6 seconds in front of the meter every time you swim for a period of time, and add “0” to the back to get the heart rate for 1 minute

the right way to lose weight by swimming

1. Freestyle

When practicing freestyle, the biceps and triceps of the upper arm need to exert more force, so freestyle can make the arm lines symmetrical and beautiful. Beauties with “butterfly arm” can make more use of this stroke to shape the arm lines. In addition, for women who want to slim their legs, freestyle can modify the lines of their legs to make them look even and beautiful

2. Butterfly stroke

When you swim the butterfly stroke, you can draw your arms inward, which is similar to the chest enlargement movement, so you can exercise the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi. At the same time, butterfly stroke affects the body with the waist. Long term swimming in this position can help eliminate the fat on the waist and shape the beautiful lines of the waist

3. Breaststroke

Breaststroke is mainly a push clip action, which is different from the freestyle and backstroke. When breaststroke is carried out, the thighs should be fully expanded and contracted. This action uses more quadriceps femoris of the thighs, so it can strengthen the strength of the legs and is conducive to the elimination of the fat inside the thighs. If you strengthen training every day and swim down in a summer, you will find that your thighs are no longer loose and become much stronger. However, it should be noted that this kind of firmness is different from the slender legs that many beauties want. Therefore, some people will find that breaststroke will thicken their legs, which is the reason

4. Backstroke

The latissimus dorsi exerts more force in backstroke, which can stretch the back muscles. For the white-collar workers who have been sitting in the office for a long time, backstroke is beneficial to relieve discomfort such as back pain. In addition, when backstroke, the body should rotate to both sides like a rolling log, which can not only reduce the resistance, but also give full play to the strength of the large muscle groups of the trunk, which is very effective in eliminating excess abdominal fat, so that the abdomen is no longer loose. In addition, it can also exercise the elasticity of legs and waist. In particular, backstroke can also keep the chest firm and not easy to sag

reasons for poor weight loss by swimming

1. Insufficient exercise

Some people lose weight after swimming, which may be due to insufficient exercise. At the beginning, swimming is in the stage of anaerobic exercise. The energy consumption mainly depends on the anaerobic fermentation of sugar. The exercise at this stage is very intense. People are short of breath and lack of oxygen. They will not use fat at all. Continue to exercise, the human body began to enter the stage of aerobic exercise. In the following hour, under the condition of moderate intensity exercise, the energy supply is provided by the aerobic metabolism of sugar. If you want to lose weight, each swimming time should be more than 40 minutes before you start to consume fat

2. Eating and drinking after swimming

In order to adapt to the improvement of exercise level in the next stage, the human body needs to consume more energy than before after each exercise, which is a kind of self-protection of the human body. Therefore, after swimming, people often feel that they eat well and sleep well, and the calories they consume are made up again, even more than they consume. Obese people tend to be more hungry and consume more energy after swimming than before. If you don’t pay attention to diet, especially if you stop exercising after a period of time, you are most likely to make your weight exceed the original level

precautions for swimming to lose weight

1. Physical examination

When swimming, people consume more physical strength than usual. If they suffer from diseases and are not suitable for strong exercise, they need to pay more attention. It is recommended to have a physical examination before swimming. If you have heart disease, lung disease or kidney disease, do not take part in swimming. In addition, do not swim if you have red eye disease or skin disease, because these diseases may be transmitted to others through polluted water

2. Warm up

Before launching, proper preparation exercise is good for the body, because without preparation exercise, people are prone to muscle tension. In order to avoid muscle injury or accidents, it is necessary to do leg lifting, squatting and other preparatory exercises

3. Pay attention to safety

When diving, you must touch the depth of clear water and underwater conditions to prevent bumps and other accidents. At the same time, you must avoid being directly hit by the water on your abdomen. In addition, we should also protect our ears, because the ears are strongly hit by water, and the tympanic membrane is easy to rupture

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