How To Match The Girls’ Capris In Summer

Abstract: in hot summer, most girls will get rid of the shackles of pants and wear various styles of pants. Cropped trousers are neither long nor short. Many girls like to wear them. Wearing Capri pants can make your legs to feet cool and cool, and can match with any shoes. What can you wear on the top? Whether it’s a slim T-shirt or a womanly Chiffon Top, you can wear it with a good taste. Let’s take a look at the knowledge of matching Capris with Xiaobian< p> how to match girls’ Capris in summer

Cropped pants are a very common type of matching pants. They can be matched at will whether they are casual or slim fit. T-shirts and knitwear can be matched

1. Casual pants with belt

The cute graffiti T-shirt creates a fashionable and casual atmosphere. The dark pants on the lower body perfectly decorate your body. Even if your hips are a little fat, you don’t have to be afraid. The bright orange belt moves your attention up, and the fashionable and casual shape is the most suitable

2. Twill T-shirt matching

The red and white twill T-shirt is too monotonous. Matching it with personalized Halon pants can well wrap the ugly radish legs. At the same time, it forms a strong contrast effect with the legs, and better converges the contour of the legs

3. White T-shirt matching

Matching points: Khaki cotton casual pants are loose and comfortable, and they are matched with white landscape T-shirts to bring out a fashionable and spicy sense of classic and fashion, showing the calf in a perfect proportion

4. Chiffon vest matching

Collocation points: the soft white chiffon vest gives a cool feeling, the Rhinestone design at the neck adds a bit of feminine charm, the black leggings perfectly show the streamlined styling of OL, and the most in high heels create a mature and sexy look

5. White T-shirt matching

Collocation points: how can colorful summer be without colorful color embellishment? A sweet pink thin vest with a white T-shirt shows MM’s playful and cute personality, while the lower body’s slim fitting cowboy completely wraps the flesh of the legs

6. Striped bra matching

Collocation key points: how can a woman’s life be short of slim fitting and well tailored white pants? The sea soul style bra with loose blouse brings a touch of coolness in this hot summer. The simple Capri Pants cover the meat knees and set off the curve of the legs

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key to matching Capris

1. Select pants by leg type

People with low hips and short legs should never wear Capris, otherwise they will expose their shortcomings. Do not choose to wear too loose style for petite mm, which is easy to appear short. It is wise to choose the fitting Capris, and the close fitting design is more elegant

2. Harmonious matching with top color

Capri Pants pay more attention to the changes of details, such as embroidery, printing, lace, bright and warm colors… They are creatively used in details and can be applied in many ways. When matching with popular fashion elements, attention must be paid to the harmony of colors between cropped pants and tops to avoid giving people a sense of disconnection

3. Shoe matching

In summer, when wearing Capris, the most feminine thing is to wear band wrapped sandals. The elegant and meticulous design perfectly matches the leg lines of the Capris. The most in dress is to wear a pair of band wrapped fish mouth shoes

4. Waist design

The favoured cropped pants are straight tube and hip width versions. No matter which type of pants, it has the advantage of taking the edge when making some articles on the waist. Of course, the cloth rope or nylon rope belt is slightly out of date. If you tie a white wide belt popular this year, you will immediately have different styles with a sense of fashion

reasons for choosing Capris

1. Cool impression

Although the reason is simple, it is the most obvious reason. The advantage of wearing cropped pants is that they can make the legs to the feet cool and refreshing. The knee length pants and sixties and sevens pants that appear in a large number of fashion shows also reveal that the weight of cropped pants is very heavy

2. Ever changing styles

There are various styles of cropped trousers, including loose and tight, narrow and large trouser legs, linen, elastic, pure cotton and various chemical fiber fabrics. And you can make a big fuss on your waist. You can choose a nylon belt, a cloth rope belt or an elastic belt

3. Add beautiful colors

Not only the traditional blue, but also other gorgeous colors have appeared one by one. Will pants with too strong colors be too eye-catching? If you are afraid of this, you might as well choose khaki or beige, otherwise it is recommended to try pants with higher color

4. Easy to match sandals

It can be matched with any shoes, which is the charm of capri pants. It not only gives the feet a moderate sense of space, but especially matches the sandals popular this season, such as low-heeled slippers, thick bottomed slippers or Baotou slippers and sports shoes. They are very stylish. The change of trouser legs can better foil the style

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