Is It Necessary To Buy Baby Laundry Soap? How To Use Baby Laundry Soap

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Abstract: the baby’s skin is relatively tender. Wash the baby’s clothes with ordinary detergent. If the washing is not clean, the residual detergent on the clothes will stimulate the baby’s skin. At least, it will make the baby’s skin itchy, and at worst, it will make the baby skin rash. Therefore, it is still necessary to buy baby laundry soap. The method of using baby laundry soap is very simple. First wet the clothes, then put in the laundry soap, and finally gently rub it. Next, let’s have a look with Xiaobian

is it necessary to buy baby laundry soap

It is necessary to buy baby laundry soap. Babies’ clothes are stained more, which is easy to infect and breed bacteria. Milk stains, urine stains and stool stains left in baby clothes, diapers and bedding are easy to breed bacteria. Fecal stains and other stains are easy to contaminate clothes with E. coli, and nasopharynx secretions and other stains are easy to contaminate clothes with Staphylococcus aureus. Moreover, the baby’s immune system has not yet fully developed, and the baby’s resistance to bacteria is weak. Therefore, if the cleaning is not thorough enough, it is easy to affect the baby’s health

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Baby laundry soap is a soap specially designed for washing baby clothes. Its ingredients are mild and natural. It will not stimulate baby’s skin and will not cause too much damage to the washed skin of both hands. It can not only clean efficiently, but also has a disinfection function, which can ensure that infants and young children are not invaded by bacteria and pollutants, and can effectively prevent the young skin of infants and young children from being corroded by chemical detergents, It has good skin care function

Wash your baby’s clothes by hand. Alkaline detergent will degrease the skin surface too much, make the skin dry or cause allergy. Long term use will form a “housewife’s hand”. For clothes made of some materials (such as silk, wool, etc.), alkaline detergent will also damage the fiber, making the fiber surface rough and cracked, easy to rub the baby’s delicate skin, and even cause severe rash. Therefore, it is necessary to use mild baby laundry soap

how to use baby laundry soap

1. Wet the baby’s clothes with water, then wipe the laundry soap on the clothes, and soak them for a few minutes

2. After soaking, rub the stained parts of the clothes with your hands, and finally clean them with water

3. After rinsing the baby’s clothes, put them in a cool place to dry. Be careful not to expose them to the sun

what are the precautions for using baby laundry soap

1. For the first use, the package should be opened first, the clothes to be washed should be soaked in water and directly wiped on it, and then scrubbed by hand. The key parts that are difficult to wash can be washed several times

2. Be careful not to get into your eyes during use. If you accidentally get into your eyes, you can immediately wash them with a large amount of water

3. After use, remove the accumulated water in the soap box to prevent the soap body from being burnt

4. When used in winter, it is recommended to wash with warm water to increase the solubility of laundry soap

5. During the storage of laundry soap, pay attention not to be directly exposed to the sun and not to be wet by rain

6. Remember to rinse clean, otherwise chemical residues on the clothes will cause damage to the baby’s skin

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