[Men’S Swimming Shorts] What Are The Styles Of Men’S Swimming Trunks? What Materials Should Be Selected For Men’S Swimming Trunks

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it’s hot in summer. Swimming is definitely men’s favorite way to relieve the heat, so many men are buying swimming trunks . But there are also some people who don’t know how to buy swimming trunks and what materials to choose? Today’s Xiaobian will introduce you to the basic knowledge of men’s swimming trunks. Now let’s take a look at the styles of men’s swimming trunks< u> Men’s swimming trunks what material should I choose Styles of swimming trunks

  • men’s swimming trunks are mainly divided into two categories: Men’s triangle swimming trunks and men’s flat angle swimming trunks, which are very popular at present, and the styles should be selected according to personal preferences< p>

fabrics and colors

  • swimwear fabrics generally use three kinds:

    1. DuPont Leica: it is a kind of artificial elastic fiber with the best elasticity. It can extend to 4~6 times the original length, with excellent stretch. It is suitable for blending with various fibers, which can strengthen the advantages of texture sag and wrinkle resistance. DuPont Lycra with chlorine resistant ingredients will make swimwear have a longer service life than ordinary swimwear

    2. Nylon fabric: although its texture is not as solid as Lycra fabric, its elasticity and softness are comparable to Lycra. At present, it is the most commonly used fabric for swimwear, which is suitable for products with medium price

    3. Polyester fabric: it is a one-way and two-way stretch elastic fabric. Due to the limited elasticity, it is mostly used in swimming trunks or women’s swimming split two-part style, which is not suitable for one-piece style. Fabrics that can be partially spliced or applied with low unit price strategy

  • what color is good for men’s swimming trunks

    men’s swimming trunks are mainly dark blue and black. But now, light colored swimming trunks are more and more favored by people, such as green, yellow, sky blue, etc., but they will also attract some disputes, especially reflected in the white swimming trunks. Many people dare not wear white swimming trunks. Xiaobian feels that this is completely unnecessary. The color can be as long as people like it

waist height

  • can be roughly divided into four types:

    (1) high waist: usually designed as flat angle swimming trunks, which are about to be eliminated, so there are not many in the market

    (2) normal waist: flat angle and triangle are OK. There are many such swimming trunks, which are usually the choice of the public, but I think it is more suitable for flat angle swimming trunks

    (3) low waist: most of the designs are triangular, because the triangular swimming trunks are designed to have a low waist, which is more beautiful than the normal waist. There are even flat corners, but it will appear that the swimming trunks are very wide and not beautiful. Low rise swimming trunks are becoming more and more popular. They are gradually covering the normal waist, because the triangle is more and more popular

    (4) ultra low waist: usually refers to the triangle swimsuit with a little groin exposed. This kind of swimsuit is more suitable for people with open mind, because it can be described as sexy once, but it is not the mainstream of the public. After all, some people will say it is abnormal

store recommendation

  • arena arena self operated flagship store
  • supitao self operated flagship store
  • Yingfa swimming self operated flagship store
  • zhouke self operated brand flagship store
  • decathlon self operated flagship store

There are four ways of waist binding:

(1) no waist binding measures

this kind of swimming trunks has basically disappeared, because the swimming trunks without elastic bands and ropes are easy to fall off, so it is not safe to walk, not to mention the impact of water waves after launching. Unless very close fitting swimming trunks can be used without waist binding measures, but for safety reasons, do not wear such swimming trunks

(2) there are only a lot of swimming trunks such as elastic band

, but the degree of tightness must be selected when buying. Because it’s easy to lose money because it’s too loose to be tight. I’m too busy. I feel uncomfortable. But let me remind you that the elastic band is easy to age, lose elasticity and become loose in the water for a long time

note: if the swimming trunks are customized, sometimes the tightness of the swimming trunks can be determined according to your preference. I suggest to choose “loose” because loose is just suitable for people’s comfort level, and it is not easy to fall (except diving, if you choose normal or tighter diving, otherwise you are willing to fall, the impact is too great). I don’t recommend “very loose” unless you are fat. I once made such swimming trunks. As a result, I slipped when I walked. I had to install a trouser belt myself, which made me feel much better

(3) only the trouser rope

has the advantage that the tightness can be adjusted, and it is not easy to age like the elastic band. However, this kind of swimsuit is rare and is about to be eliminated. It may still have shortcomings

(4) elastic belt and trouser rope

can be said to be compatible with the properties of both, with the highest safety factor. So it has become the mainstream of today, and I personally recommend it

other 1 precautions for men’s swimming trunks

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    (1) do not swim with underwear as a swimsuit, because the fabric of underwear is mostly pure cotton, which is easy to absorb water after entering the water, resulting in heavy underwear. In addition, the underwear is loose, which is very unsafe

    (2) try not to wear swimming trunks as underwear. Swimming trunks are airtight and do not absorb sweat, which is very harmful to health

    (3) in addition, when purchasing swimming trunks, pay attention to the thread end and the interface between the fabric and the fabric to avoid thread opening or fabric breakage

    (4) it is better not to buy triangular swimming trunks with ropes tied around the waist. Because triangular swimming trunks have great resistance to water, you may take off your swimming trunks when swimming. It is not a question of whether the materials are good, but a question of resistance to buy one that can stick closely to your skin

    (5) the materials should be good. Don’t try to buy cheap ones. You’d better buy a brand. You don’t want your swimming trunks to fall off when you come out of the swimming pool, do you

    (6) also, the size should be appropriate

    (7) light colored swimming trunks are easy to penetrate. Unless they are of good quality, some swimming pools are not allowed to wear white swimming trunks

2. Choose men’s swimming trunks according to your body shape

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    people with lower abdomen

    in order to cover your stomach, the style of high waist and wide brimmed belt is a good choice

    people with darker skin – avoid wearing brown or yellow swimming trunks to avoid looking dirty

    people with wide hips — dark four legged flat pants

    people with collapsed hips — bright or fluorescent colors and horizontal patterns can modify the lack of hip shape

    people with long upper body and short lower body — suitable for high waist triangle swimming trunks! Try not to wear four legged swimming trunks. Your legs will look shorter

    short people – straight striped swimming trunks in bright colors can help you grow

    people who want to make their legs look longer — low waist slit triangular swimming trunks

    slim people — suitable for swimming trunks with bright colors and rich patterns

    people with strong physique – basically all kinds of styles are suitable for you, but the retro one-piece swimsuit can be a personalized choice

    if the legs are thick and short, do not wear flat angle ones, and triangle ones are more suitable

    if you have a good figure, it doesn’t matter what type you are. It depends on your preference

top ten swimsuit brands of men’s swimming trunks, swimsuit swimsuit one-piece swimsuit brands, and which swimsuit brand is better [2022] 1 SPEEDO Speedo was founded in Australia in 1914 and now belongs to the British Pentland group. It is a large swimming and sports goods manufacturer developed from the underwear manufacturer. It provides all kinds of swimsuits, goggles, swimming caps 2. Arena arena was born in 1973 in France. It is an internationally renowned swimsuit brand and a well-known brand in the field of competitive swimsuit. It is specialized in the R & D, production and sales of a series of swimming sports goods. Arena not only meets the needs of swimwear and other water sports Yingfa, founded in 1989, is a well-known brand in the competitive swimsuit industry established by professional swimmers. It is a modern industrial enterprise mainly engaged in the production and sales of clothing, swimming caps, swimming goggles and other products. Yingfa has a professional production base and business in China 4. Zoke is a powerful fashion sports equipment manufacturer in China. It integrates product development, production and marketing, and is committed to promoting a large-scale industrialized enterprise integrating China’s swimming industry with international cutting-edge fashion. Zhouke products are made of professional swimming equipment and Beach Resort equipment 5. Decathlon decathlon decathlon was founded in 1976 in France. It is positioned in the mass sports market. It is known in the industry for its high quality and low price. It is a supplier of sportswear, equipment and various creative sports products. Decathlon has entered China since 2003, with online business in more than 370 cities 6. aimer aimer started in 1993. As a solution provider for underwear and clothing, aimer is a large-scale enterprise specializing in intimate clothing and its supplies. Now it owns brands such as aimer, aimer sports, aimer home, aimer beauty, etc. The company has two major industrial tourism production bases 7. anlifang embryform founded in 1975 in Hong Kong, China, anlifang is a comfortable and elegant underwear supplier, specializing in the production of underwear, bras, swimsuits and other series of products. Its underwear brands include anlifang, fendich, comfit, IVU, etc. Group since 19 8. van der Ann balneaire was founded in 2009. It is a well-known fashion swimsuit supplier in China. It is famous in the global market for its fashionable and novel appearance design and excellent quality. Van der Ahn’s products sold in domestic and international markets are mainly swimming, holiday clothing and accessories 9. toswim was founded in 2014. It is a domestic swimming equipment brand for swimming enthusiasts. It provides high-quality swimming supplies, focuses on the R & D and design of swimming supplies, and advocates a healthy, convenient and fun swimming experience. Toswim products are designed by 10. Haoshou is a powerful sports and leisure equipment brand in China since 1985. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. Bugler clothing has many brands, such as bugler, haidani, vegeni, ACCA, etc. by virtue of the pre design The list of well-known (famous) swimsuit brands [2022] and above is obtained by the cn10/cnpp brand data research department through data collection, collation, big data statistical analysis and research. It is sorted in no order and is only provided for your reference. Vote for my favorite swimsuit brands &gt& gt; < Strong> list of well-known (famous) swimsuit brands: including top ten swimsuit brands + Li Ning Ling, maniform, Sanqi, Langdu rundo, gainreel, Tianzi tnzi, piaofew

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