How To Wash And Maintain Mink Fur Two Methods Of Mink Fur Maintenance

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mink fur, which is suitable for wearing when the weather gets cold and thick, and many people like to wear it. Mink fur is mainly made of mink fur, which is definitely more expensive than ordinary clothes in price. However, like ordinary clothes, mink fur will definitely be soiled, and cleaning is involved after soiling. Because mink fur is expensive, many people must be careful when cleaning. So, how to wash and maintain mink fur? Now let’s take a detailed look

how to wash mink fur

1. You can’t wash it with a washing machine. The strong rolling of the washing machine will cause large-area friction damage to mink hair, making mink hair easy to fall off. Therefore, mink hair cannot be washed in the washing machine. It is best to wash mink hair by hand and gently

Similarly, mink wool cannot be dehydrated in the washing machine. Putting it in the dewatering bucket is also equivalent to putting it in the laundry bucket, resulting in the removal of mink fluff

2. When cleaning, the net editor reminds you to use a special detergent for washing silk and wool or neutral detergent

3. When drying, you need to lay it flat and dry it. You can’t hang it. After washing, do not knead it into a piece. Lay it flat and dry it along its hair direction

Generally, mink fluff doesn’t need to be washed, just flick the ash gently. It’s no problem not to wash for three to five years. Therefore, if you can’t wash, don’t wash. Top ten fur brands

mink fur stain treatment method

1. Soy sauce, sauce:dip a cotton stick or cloth with water and pat the dirty place, then dip a cotton stick with neutral detergent and continue to pat until the stain is removed

2. Beer, sake, Whisky:dip the cotton swab with water and pat the dirty place, then use a dry cloth to absorb the water, and then use a brush with neutral detergent to brush

3. Fruit juice and wine:use cotton swabs or cloth to dip in disinfection alcohol, pat the dirty place, and then bleach with bleach suitable for cloth

maintenance of mink fur

indoor storage

1. Don’t put the fur near the window with strong sunlight. It’s best to hang it in a place with dark light, low temperature and humidity and good ventilation. Make sure there is no hot water pipe or steam pipe near the clothes storage place. Fur likes a dry environment

2. Fur clothing should be hung on a special hanger with high strength and wide shoulders, covered with a silk jacket, and stored in an airy wardrobe. The high strength clothes hanger can prevent the collar from falling over the shoulder, the wide shoulder can maintain the neat shape of the clothes, and the silk jacket ensures a good ventilation environment for the fur

3. It is advocated to give fur “breathing” space. Fur needs a relatively large place to store, and there should be at least 6 cm space between fur and other clothes to allow fur to “breathe” freely. Never put the fur in a plastic bag or fold it tightly and press it in the suitcase. If the air is not circulating, the fur will be uneven, deformed or even fall off

4. Do not use other chemicals to pollute the fur. If moths or other insects harass your home, do not use pesticides near the fur, because it is also destructive to the fur. Never store fur coats in a wardrobe made of fir. Although fir can repel insects, the smell that seeps into fur will make you regret it

5. In summer, it is best to give the fur to a professional fur shop and place it in the cold storage, and the air-conditioned room at home is also OK, in order to avoid the damage of insects and ants in high temperature and humidity

6. Mink sweaters don’t need to be worn after the weather is warm. At this time, they can be folded and put into the wardrobe. Try not to press them and don’t hang them for storage. When you wear it again in the coming year, after it is dried with clean water, blow it off with a hair dryer. If there is a care brush at home, brush it and blow it again

Outdoor protection

1. Fur undoubtedly belongs to winter. Please stay away from heat sources when wearing fur clothes, especially the heater, because dry heat will suck away the substance in the fur, making the fur hard and easy to break

2. Pay special attention when dining in the restaurant. The fur clothing had better not be put in the storage place, because the space there is too small. You can carefully fold the fur and put it on the chair, and ask the waiter to wrap it with a large suit, instead of hanging it on the hook or shelf casually. Simply put, when you eat, fur also needs a place, but it must be away from the table

3. If you sit in the car or the cinema for a long time, it is better to take off your fur clothes to avoid pressing it. When folding, be sure to keep the wool side outward

4. Pay attention to whether the articles you carry with you will damage the fur. For example, the straps of small handbags, especially those with metal chains, will wear the fur. If you are a person who often carries a briefcase, the editor reminds you not to let the bag rub with fur for a long time

5. There are some details that cannot be ignored, such as don’t buckle anything on the fur, and pay attention to whether the metal on the watch or bracelet will often rub against the cuffs of fur clothing

6. Wearing a silk scarf can make the oil and cosmetics on the skin not dirty the collar of the leather coat. If you leave cosmetics on the fur carelessly, be careful when erasing it. Usually, the better way is to hand over the fur to a professional

7. Don’t spray perfume on fur. The alcohol in perfume will make hair hard and brittle, and its oil sometimes emits an unpleasant smell

8. Don’t try to comb your fur with a comb. If the fur on the fur is not smooth, curly, knotted, etc., it is recommended that you send it to a professional department for treatment

9. You don’t have to give up wearing fur clothes because of rain and snow. If the fur surface is wet, just grasp the underarm of the fur lining, shake it up a few times, shake off the rain drops on the surface, and then hang it in a dry and cool place to dry naturally. Never heat, bake or expose to the sun. After it dries out, pat the fur gently. If it doesn’t look as beautiful as it used to be, you can send it to a professional fur care shop for ironing and polishing. How to choose fur

Mink fur cleaning price

long mink 200 yuan / piece, medium 180 yuan / piece, short 150 yuan / piece, Rex Rabbit 80 yuan / piece, medium 100 yuan / piece. However, the cost of cleaning varies from region to region, and the price gap will be relatively large. The general charge for dry cleaning fox fur is more than 100. Rabbit fur costs at least 50-80 yuan. If the charge is about the same as that of ordinary clothes, about 20-25, don’t choose this store, because fur cleaning is different from other clothes, and unprofessional stores are easy to wash fur clothes

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