What Are The Sunscreen Clothes? What Swimwear Can Protect Against Sunburn

Abstract: in summer, the sun is shining. When your shadow is shorter than your height, you should take appropriate skin care measures. Otherwise, your skin may be burned by strong ultraviolet rays. At present, there is a kind of clothing called sunscreen clothing. The main function of sunscreen clothing is to prevent the direct exposure of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The role of sunscreen clothing is the same as that of sunshade umbrella, so that the skin can be black from the sun’s exposure. This is a required course for many beauty loving women. Now let’s introduce you to the summer sun protection clothing< p> what are the sun protection clothing?

sun protection clothing first became popular in the United States in 2007, and then entered China. In China, UV resistant fabrics are mostly used in outdoor products, and less in ordinary clothing

there are generally three kinds of sunscreen clothing: one is colored cotton fabric clothing. Bright colors such as cyan, red, blue and green have the greatest isolation rate to ultraviolet rays. The second kind is sunscreen cloth. The production principle of this kind of cloth is very simple. In fact, it is made by adding sunscreen additives to the cloth. If there is a special need, the cloth will be thick finished. The so-called thick finishing is to weave the cloth with a higher density. The third kind is special fabric clothes

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what swimwear can protect against sunburn

long sleeved swimsuits can play a good role in sunburn, so you don’t have to worry about sunburn on your arms when surfing and sunbathing on the beach! At the same time, it is also the gospel of flat breasted girls, shifting attention to the waist and legs. In addition to the one-piece long sleeved swimsuits, there are also many two-piece long sleeved swimsuits. The upper part of the body is only as long as the middle of the ribs. Women can still use this to design a large and slender waist

long sleeved swimsuits are more suitable for MM who are afraid of tanning and have thick arms. When surfing, you might as well choose long sleeved sports swimsuits to protect your arms from sunburn to a certain extent; With wide shoulders and thick arms, you can choose a long sleeved swimsuit to cover your arms. Moore said: “our long sleeved swimsuits have spf50, and whether you are a butterfly sleeve or a bucket waist, wearing a long sleeved swimsuit can slightly block the pressure and reduce a lot. In this way, the swimsuits that can modify the body shape and protect the sun are really very pleasing.”

some girls will feel uncomfortable wearing long sleeved swimsuits. In fact, on the contrary, swimsuits with good materials are just like your second skin. They are like fish in water

principle of sunscreen clothing

the biggest feature of outdoor sunscreen clothing is translucency, which is cool to wear and can protect against sun

its principle is to add anti ultraviolet cloth with sunscreen additives into the cloth. Some sunscreen fabrics use ceramic powder and fiber to increase the reflection and scattering of ultraviolet rays on the surface of clothes and prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging human skin through the fabric

it can resist 97% ultraviolet radiation under long-term sunlight; After repeated washing, the sunscreen function will not be reduced; Swimsuits with sunscreen function can prevent chloride corrosion, that is, SPF coefficient will not disappear when swimming

sunscreen clothing purchasing knowledge

when visiting the clothing counters in shopping malls, it is not difficult to find that many sports clothing brands have products of anti ultraviolet clothing, and the labels of these clothing clearly indicate the clothing material, UPF index and other relevant parameters. A small number of fashion brands also have so-called sunscreen clothing, but most of them have not found the relevant logo

in the past two years, some businesses have applied the concept of sunscreen to ordinary clothing. As the public knows little about sunscreen fabrics, it is inevitable that some of them confuse the fake with the real

therefore, people should not be blindly attracted by all kinds of fancy publicity when purchasing sunscreen clothing. Clothes made of regular sunscreen fabrics will be marked with clear sunscreen parameters on their clothing labels. If not, it is recommended that you do not buy them. In addition, long-time washing or stretching may reduce the sunscreen performance of clothes. At this time, it is necessary to replace or add additives to the clothes. For specific practices, please refer to the relevant instructions of the product

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