what kind of coat to wear with overalls

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there are various types of pants. In previous years, leggings were more popular, and now most of the more popular are loose straight pants, such as overalls, which have always been a very popular item

what kind of coat to wear with overalls

overalls + overcoats

in autumn and winter, we need a variety of overcoats. Now oversize overcoats are very popular. This kind of overcoat is very loose, so it gives people a sense of leisure, and there is no sense of conflict with overalls. However, for the small girls, it is best to choose the long or short coat. There are many types of overcoats, among which cocoon overcoats are most suitable for matching with overalls

overalls + denim jacket

the so-called overalls are the pants worn by workers in the past. The most obvious feature of these pants is that they are very loose and fat. In the past, it was mainly made of pure cotton cloth. Later, jeans also had this style. Compared with overalls made of other materials, jeans are the most versatile and the least attractive. Since jeans are the most suitable for matching with denim jackets, the matching of the same color system will never go wrong and is also an advanced way to wear

overalls + knitted cardigans

there are many styles of overalls, among which the most age reducing one is the suspender. The suspender has its own college style. This kind of pants is not selected for people to wear, and can be used by thin and fat people. If you are worried about your thick waist and big butt, you can match it with a knitted cardigan coat to cover the fat places and show the thin places

what kind of top should the overalls match

1 Overalls are paired with shirts, which have a formal style

2. If you don’t want to wear the shirt with the feeling of being too capable and stiff, matching with overalls can highlight a sense of literature and art, which is casual and natural

3. The overalls are matched with a stand collar jacket. The jacket itself and the overalls are pieces of the same style, with a crisp and tough version. Wearing it on the body can not only decorate the body, but also make the whole person more energetic. Choosing a stand collar version can increase the sense of modeling. Overalls with black t-shirts are not sensitive to color and do not want to be too complicated

what shoes should the overalls match

when the handsome overalls are matched with the high heels with full female charm, they are a perfect match. Women in Europe and the United States especially like to wear them like this. The charm of high heels and the domineering of overalls make them more interesting to wear, and the rate of turning back on the street must be very high. Casually match a small bag or wear sunglasses, which is very popular

overalls are matched with overcoats. It is cold in winter, so they are matched with overcoats to keep warm and cold proof. Now oversize overcoats are very popular. These overcoats are very loose, so they give people a sense of leisure, and there is no sense of conflict with overalls

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