what kind of shoes to wear corduroy pants

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corduroy pants are especially popular in winter. Because they are more versatile and have a retro temperament, they are loved by the majority of trendsetters, especially a pair of pants that Japanese trendsetters must have. Corduroy pants also have a lot of shoes to match

what shoes should corduroy pants wear

corduroy pants can be matched with high heels. This is a kind of matching that many girls like. It is a very long and thin way to show legs. It is cool and handsome and feminine at the same time

corduroy pants with thick soled sneakers

I still like the version of these pants. The loose straight tube version does not have a sense of bondage on the upper body, and can also lengthen the leg lines, making them very thin. I like to roll up my trouser legs when I wear them everyday. I make them into nine point trousers to wear, which will make my legs longer! This is also my way to dress carefully ~ let’s talk about corduroy fabrics, not to mention ~ Blue corduroy fabrics have a retro flavor, which is a style I have never tried before

corduroy pants with aj

I have worn them for several times and found that corduroy fabric is still warm and suitable for wearing in winter, especially for boys like me who don’t like autumn pants, it is our gospel! Chongya ~ trendy men ~ wear corduroy straight pants! Warm and stylish

corduroy pants are equipped with sports shoes. It is recommended to wear NB shoes and then match them with denim coats or corduroy clothes. The overall handsome is very street style. Corduroy pants are also good with AJ. AJ itself is a versatile shoe

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