The Fastidiousness And Etiquette Of Suit Buttons Why Can’T Suit Buttons Be Fully Buttoned

Abstract: suits belong to the orthodox costumes in daily clothes. It is very important to wear suits properly. The style, fabric, and even the number and method of buttons in suits have corresponding stress and etiquette. The dress code for suits in casual occasions is quite different from that in formal occasions. The former is broad and tolerant, and just right for casual comfort. However, many dress rules in formal occasions are objective, and the rules must be followed when entering the site. Now let’s learn more about the stress and etiquette of the buttons in the suit< p> I. what is the emphasis on the number of buttons in a suit

Formal suits are generally divided into two buttons in a single row, three buttons in three rows, two buttons and one button. Button without button means random, the middle button means authentic, and the top button means formal

II. Attention to buttons and etiquette in suits

Many formal occasions require a suit. Learning the correct button method of suit buttons can directly reflect the wearer’s mastery of suit dressing etiquette. The following is the selection of the number of buttons in a suit. The buttons in a suit are about etiquette

1. One button

The fewer the buttons, the larger the neckline, and the stronger the sense of fashion. Men who like fashion can buy as much as they like. It is best to attend fashion activities. The suit with one button rose in the 1920s and 1970s. It is an improvement of the traditional Italian suit by Americans. It was worn by gentlemen to attend celebrations and dances at that time. A one button suit usually has many new design elements, and the colors are also special and diverse. After all, it emphasizes fashion, and color diversity is a must

The etiquette of a button suit is to buckle up when standing and unbutton when sitting. Convenient activities also prevent wrinkling. Men who are a little particular about suits should pay particular attention to this

2. Two buttons

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Two button suit is the most common and most acceptable style. The medium neckline can control different dressing styles, which can be attacked and defended. Through the design of lapel, shoulder line and hem, no matter fashion experts or business elites, they can find their own two button suit. For men who don’t know how many buckles to buy, two buckles won’t be wrong

The etiquette of a two button suit is: fasten the first button (except when you sit down), and always open the bottom button. If you button the buttons below, the suit will easily deform when your arms move, which is very unsightly, you know

3. Three buttons

The three button suit is the most formal. It is the most suitable for business occasions and formal banquets. In order to have enough space for activities when wearing, it usually has slits, which are sexy double or single slits, located on both sides or at the back

Three button suit Etiquette: only the second button means between business and leisure; The two buttons on the top are formal; The third one will never be deducted

Button up gesture: button up from top to bottom, button down from bottom to top

4. Double breasted

The double breasted suit needs more elaboration. Many men can’t resist it just by looking at the shape. It is highly retro. It first evolved from the seafarer’s uniform. The lingering military uniform elements are hard for a normal man to resist, especially the navy blue. Of course, it is free

Double breasted suit Etiquette: button up the buttons in the middle row. Because the front of the double breasted suit is wide and heavy, it must be bad to open the front. Although the button is small, you may think you can’t make a big mistake at all, but in public, it is precisely this small thing that may make you lose face

III. why can’t the suit buttons be fully buttoned

Some people commented on this Etiquette: every gentleman in the upper class will examine whether your last button is appropriate, so as to judge whether your birth is a real aristocrat. But in fact, the rules are based on occasions. The rules are not immutable. It’s just a matter of time

1. There are many legends about this etiquette story. Some people say that it originated from King Edward VII of England in the early 20th century. He was too fat to fasten the last button when he was wearing formal clothes, especially when he laughed heartily after eating, the button would fall off, so he decided not to fasten it, which was both comfortable and beautiful. At that time, many people saw that the king was very different, so they learned not to fasten the last button. This etiquette habit also continues to this day

2. Some people say that it is because the suit etiquette took shape in the 16th century, when men still used ponies as vehicles. Wearing a formal dress with all the buttons on it will be very stiff. It’s inconvenient. At least it’s easy to burst the hem. Just don’t wear the bottom one. Over time, people found that it was also beautiful, so they continued it as a habit and tradition

3. It is also rumored that this is because Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, who loved beauty, was born with high dress taste even though he was not in power for more than 300 days. It is said that the rules of “always”, “sometimes” and “never” were set by him, that is, the top one of the three button suit sometimes needs to be deducted, the middle one must be deducted, and the lower one must not be deducted. The man with good taste thinks that the suit is to make the gentleman more handsome and free and easy, rather than stubborn and rigid

4. Of course, there is another saying that the buttons of the suit all represent going to attend funerals, mass and other solemn occasions

There is no way to study the history for what reason. People in Europe have been discussing this topic. In short, we understand that this is a basic etiquette, and we should avoid stepping on thunder

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