How To Tie The Belt Of Martial Arts Clothing? What Are The Characteristics Of Martial Arts Clothing

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Abstract: generally, the martial arts belt is tied on the left, because martial arts routine exercises usually have more punches on the right and less punches on the left. When tying, hold your hands up, so that the clothes will be stretched, and it will not be difficult to do actions like bright palm. The tightness should be able to insert one palm, so as to facilitate breathing. So how to tie the belt of martial arts clothing and what are the characteristics of martial arts clothing? Come and have a look with me! I believe you will gain something

I. how to tie the belt of martial arts clothing

The belt fastening method of martial arts clothing is as follows:

1. The midpoint is aligned with the midpoint of the abdomen of the hip horizontal line. In the position of the abdomen, the thumb is at the top, four fingers are at the bottom, and the palm is inward. Slide behind the belt and overlap it

2. The right hand is on the inside and the left hand is on the outside. Exchange the belts with both hands and slide forward. The end of the right belt is at the midpoint. The right hand holds the three-layer overlapping belt at the midpoint, and the left side maintains the end of the outer belt. Go down through the three-layer belt from the bottom

3. Evenly pull both hands to an appropriate degree, turn the lower end of the belt so that it becomes curved, and the other end of the belt passes inward from the bottom. Exchange your hands, hold one end of each and tie it tightly

4. After finishing the belt, prepare to stand and make the belt naturally hem

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Second, what are the characteristics of martial arts clothing

Generally speaking, the beauty of Wushu is mainly discussed from the aspect of technical style. In fact, the “fat and generous beauty”, “solemn and majestic beauty”, “hanging beauty” and “elegant beauty” of Wushu costumes have more unique traditional aesthetic characteristics. At the same time, martial arts clothing almost contains various components and elements of Chinese traditional culture, and has become one of several extremely important components of martial arts culture. In the process of inheritance and development, we must pay attention to the integration of traditional ideas and the spirit of the times

1. The beauty of plumpness and generosity

Chinese people always pay attention to “the unity of heaven and man”, and Wushu regards “the unity of heaven and man” as the highest realm of martial arts practice. “Heaven” is the embodiment and location of external will, ideal and blessed land. “Heaven” is regarded as sacred, great and infinite, and the derived “big” then becomes a realm of beauty. Confucius said, “great! Yao is king, towering! Only heaven is great, only light is it.” Therefore, Zhuangzi zhibeiyou said, “heaven and earth have great beauty without words.” Influenced by this concept, ancient Chinese costumes were mostly plump and generous

2. The beauty of reserved, solemn and dignified

Chinese traditional martial arts clothes mostly wrap people tightly, and there is almost no “reasonable” nudity like western sportswear. Martial arts clothing “focuses on exaggerating the breadth and depth, rather than revealing the health and beauty of the human body. For Chinese people, the body, especially the female body, must be covered up, not like the western sports clothing that shows the human body at a glance, so martial arts clothing shows a mysterious and unpredictable beauty

3, “calm” — the beauty of suspension

As far as the drape effect of clothing is concerned, it is not unique to martial arts clothing. All soft fabrics can have an artistic drape. However, the drape of martial arts clothing is unique, which depends on the material of martial arts clothing, that is, silk fabrics. Their softness and lightness, coupled with the plumpness and generosity of traditional martial arts costumes, make the hanging part of the costume naturally form vertical folds. It is composed of a clear and clear surface like autumn water and naturally drooping clothing patterns like mountains and streams

4, “dynamic speed” – elegant beauty

China is an “ancient silk country”, and silk plays a prominent role in Chinese clothing art. The advanced silk production and processing technology ensures that the Chinese people can produce dozens of silk products with great differences in thickness, density, weight, plain color, soft and hard. As far as the characteristics of silk are concerned, it is most suitable for making loose and fat clothes, which can show its advantages. If it is used as tight fitting clothes, its advantages cannot be shown

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