Summer Sportswear Matching Guide Releases Summer Vitality

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Introduction summer sports can avoid physical decline and beauty detoxification, and effectively improve the human body’s ability to adapt to high temperatures. Sports needs appropriatesportswearand sportswear matching, which ensure better sports status and become a beautiful scenic spot in sports. How to match women’s summer sportswear? How to match boys’ sportswear? The following editor will introduce the matching rules of men’s and women’s summersportswearand the most comprehensive summer sportswear matching guide. Passionate sports release summer vitality

  • 1. Suspender Vest + shorts + short T-shirt: the most common matching method, which is convenient for wearing and taking off, suitable for men and women. For men, it is a two-piece suit, which is very suitable for summer sports
  • 2. Sunscreen clothes + shorts + suspender vest: slim and slim, with obvious hip lifting effect, giving people a simple and generous feeling, which not only shows their figure, but also shows their unique charm
  • 3. Sports skirt + suspender Vest + sports shawl: Sports skirt pants are the favorite style of many girls, which are very dynamic, but be careful not to lose light
  • 4. Sports pants + short sports shawl + suspender vest: pants are suitable for a variety of occasions. They can also be worn as casual pants during outdoor sports, and short shawls highlight youth
  • sports shorts, pants, tight pants: 1. Summer sports pants, whether ordinary basketball shorts, professional sports tight pants, or casual sports pants, cannot be chosen casually. Especially in basketball games, there will be more horizontal movement and faster steering. Loose Basketball Shorts ensure the maximization of sports functions. The fabric is soft, light and quick to sweat, so that you can keep dry and cool, and avoid pants becoming heavy after sweating, which will affect your play2. Professional tight pants and casual pants choose bright popular colors and avant-garde shapes to match, so that you can bid farewell to the unchanging old equipment
  • short sleeved T-shirts /polo shirts / vests + sports wristbands: 1. Summer sports tops are mainly short sleeved T-shirts, polo shirts, and sports vests, which are not satisfied with the traditional short sleeved T-shirts. Xiaobian recommends choosing a strong telescopic T-shirt, which can perform better than ordinary T-shirts in hot summer. Having stretch elasticity can improve the flexibility in training, strong stretching can increase the explosive power of muscles, and has the function of odor prevention and sweat wicking to keep you cool, dry Lightweight2. With a sports wrist strap, it can provide pressure, protect wrist joints, exercise protection, and wipe sweat
  • Sports visor + functional headband + sports protective equipment: 1. Xiaobian suggests choosing sports visor with reflective heat ray and infrared technology to keep cooler than before. At the same time, we should also choose visor with better moisture removal technology to let sweat evaporate quickly. Summer sports hats, such as energy cotton adjustable sports hats, sun visors, Chesapeake style hats, are not only suitable for sports, but also have a very cool personality at leisure2. Coupled with the functional headband accessories of Shangla, it can prevent sweat from flowing into the eyes, and it can be cool no matter how hot it is3. Sports protective equipment can prevent injury as much as possible during sports, including knee protection, ankle protection, wrist protection, etc
  • reflective running shoes + invisible shallow mouth Socks: 1. Many factors such as heat, pain and fatigue will affect the running state. The running shoes with 360 degree reflective design can make it safer to exercise in weak light, especially at night. The lightweight material of the running shoes will have an unprecedented lightness and brighten people’s eyes2. The invisible shallow mouth socks’ landmark moisture drainage system technology allows sweat to evaporate quickly. The embedded arch support design can relieve foot fatigue and promote blood circulation

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