What Kind Of Top Does Denim Shorts Wear With? How To Choose Denim Shorts


in hot summer, a pair of denim shorts are not only comfortable and cool to wear, but also highlight the advantages of body, making us particularly attractive among the crowd. As one of the must-have items in summer, there are many kinds of cowboy shorts, such as Korean Cowboy SHORTS, high waist Cowboy SHORTS, low waist Cowboy SHORTS, etc. when selecting, you should choose according to your own body characteristics, so as to make it easy to wear and build a feel. When wearing denim shorts, you will always encounter various emergencies, such as the crotch of denim shorts, the curling of denim shorts, and so on. How do you deal with these problems? Join maigoo Xiaobian to learn about it

how to read Cowboy SHORTS in English

can be read as jeans shorts or hot denim shorts. The latter is more colloquial and the former is more written

denim shorts purchase

what style of denim shorts look good

1. Tight denim shorts

Denim shorts picture

Tight denim shorts can fit the body well, highlight the curve of the body, and make people look very sexy. If you like the sexy style, you might as well try a pair of tight denim shorts

2. Korean denim shorts

The Korean version of Cowboy SHORTS is generally A-shaped, that is, the trouser legs are wide and the waist is tight, which can create a feeling of thin waist. It is a good choice

3. High waist denim shorts

High waisted denim shorts can show a short upper body and a long lower body with a good proportion. As long as the material of the shorts is hard, it can well hide the belly. Therefore, this style of denim shorts is also very good

What color is good-looking Cowboy SHORTS?

the most common colors of cowboy shorts are cowboy blue and black. It is suggested that you can use the same color. Black is calm and handsome, while cowboy blue looks youthful and lively. Different colors can be worn in different styles. If you like something unique, you can also buy less common colors such as white and red, which is not easy to hit the shirt, but you should think of a good match

What kind of fabric makes denim shorts easy to wear

there are two kinds of fabrics for denim shorts. One is a relatively stiff fabric. This fabric may have a sense of friction when worn, but it is not easy to damage, and it has a belly closing effect. It is good to buy a looser style. Another kind of fabric is soft denim. The advantage of this fabric is that it is comfortable to wear, but it shows fat. It is suitable for people who have no fat in the waist and abdomen. Pay attention to the high praise rate of the denim shorts brand when buying. Try to choose a high-quality and widely praised denim shorts brand, so that the fabric you buy can be comfortable to wear

Denim shorts matching

what kind of top does denim shorts match

1. Denim shorts + T-shirt

The one-piece T-shirt, which has been invincible for thousands of years and is close to the people, is definitely one of the first choices to match with denim shorts. Any color and style can match different feelings, whether it is round neck or V-neck, white or black, showing sexy long legs

2. Denim shorts + shirt

There is no need to say more about the classic degree of the shirt. It can not only be matched with long jeans, but also with ultra short jeans. Conservative women can choose the common white shirt, which is both work and leisure. It is full of amorous feelings to button two buttons less< u> Detailed &gt& gt;

[ how to match denim shorts in winter > > ]

What kind of shoes do Cowboy SHORTS match

1. Cowboy SHORTS match Martin boots

Women’s Cowboy SHORTS and Martin boots are the most popular collocation on the street in summer, aren’t they? Let’s have another close fitting coat. It shows a good figure and also has a cool feeling. It’s very handsome

2. Denim shorts with canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are full of academic flavor, and their ankles are exposed. Coupled with women’s denim shorts, they can highlight the advantage of “long legs”. However, this kind of wearing method is rather picky. It is recommended that people with thin and straight legs choose it. The shirt with striped t is more handsome and cool

3. Denim shorts with sandals

The length of men’s Cowboy SHORTS is usually just to the knee. At this time, it will be very hot to wear heavy shoes. Therefore, it can be matched with a pair of casual sandals. Maigoo editor has seen that many Japanese Cowboy SHORTS are matched in Street Photos

how to transform denim shorts

how to reduce denim shorts

first make a mark on the denim shorts, mark the part that needs to be reduced, then disassemble the waist seam, put away the large part of the mark inside, and finally sew it with needle and thread

How to remedy Cowboy SHORTS that are too short

Cowboy SHORTS that are too short can be remedied by lengthening the length of the trouser legs. How can Cowboy SHORTS be lengthened? Generally, there is a circle of suture at the edge of the pants leg of denim shorts. After we take apart the circle of suture with a knife, the pants will grow a little longer. If you still feel short or monotonous, you can sew a bud ribbon on the edge of the trouser leg, which can not only lengthen, but also look very personalized

How to make a small burr in denim shorts

first, use a tool to disassemble the suture of the leg of jeans, then draw the length of the small burr to be made, use an awl to pick out the weft in the fabric, use small scissors to cut it off, and finally use an iron comb to comb the warp from top to bottom, and the burr is done

What is the reason for the stuck crotch of Cowboy SHORTS

the stuck crotch of Cowboy SHORTS is generally due to the poor version of the pants, or it may be because the cowboy shorts are raised too high. The Xiaobian suggested that you can pull the pants down to see if the crotch is still stuck. If the crotch is still stuck, it is recommended to take it to the tailor’s shop for version modification

how to smooth the hem of denim shorts

the hem of denim shorts may be because the fabric has too much static electricity, and the hem will be rolled up when wearing. We can spray a little water on the pants to reduce static electricity. When cleaning denim shorts, you can put a little softener, and then hang it up with a clothes hanger when storing it, which can effectively avoid its crimping due to static electricity

how to fold denim shorts

first lay the front of the pants face up, zip up the pants, then fold the two pants legs in the middle once, then fold the waist down, and then tuck the pants legs into the waist

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