Short Sleeve Shirt With What Pants Summer Short Sleeve Shirt With Notes

Abstract: short sleeved shirt is a kind of clothing that can be worn inside or outside alone. Short sleeved shirts can be worn by both men and women. They can be worn in different ways on different occasions. They can be matched with cropped pants, suit pants, jeans, long skirts, cropped pants and super shorts. When matching, you should pay attention to whether they fit, buttons, wearing occasions and other issues. Next, let’s take a look with Xiaobian< p> what pants do short sleeve shirts match

I. men

1. Cropped trousers

A dark and light blue plaid short shirt, mature but not old-fashioned. A simple Khaki cropped pants looks full of personality. With a pair of light color casual shoes, the effect is also excellent

2. Suit pants

White men’s shirts can be worn in spring or summer. Simple styles are very versatile. A simple and classic suit pants can be very attractive when matched

3. Casual pants

Formal short sleeved shirts can be worn on formal occasions. This not only adapts to the climatic environment, but also does not lose the masculinity. The casual men’s short sleeved shirt can be worn with casual pants and a cool and handsome pair of glasses. You will turn around 100% when walking on the street

4. Jeans

The light blue men’s short sleeved shirt is clean and elegant. It is very youthful with the same blue jeans. Of course, if you don’t want to look so elegant, you can hang a fashion glasses at the neckline for decoration, and the style changes instantly

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II. Ms.

1. Long skirt

Short sleeves can cover the worship meat of the arm. It looks thin when worn. It can be matched with long skirts to show a gentle temperament. It can also be matched with wide leg pants, which is suitable for office workers. It can be worn in different styles at will

2. Cropped trousers

The last thing to choose is the solid color short sleeved shirt, and there is no need to worry about dressing as “Uncle”. The girls wear short sleeved shirts with cropped pants, which looks fresh and neutral, without any old-fashioned, simple and fresh

3. Trousers

The Striped short sleeved shirt and trousers are durable and not easy to be out of date. The simple deep V-neck design can set off a woman’s capable and clean temperament

4. Super shorts

The blue and white striped short sleeved shirt is the most exciting, which can make people feel strong cool in summer. It looks fresh and elegant with white super shorts, showing the taste of a little woman all the time

Summer Short Sleeve Shirt matching precautions

I. whether it fits

Unless you are looking for an alternative way to wear, your short sleeved shirt should follow the principle of fit. If it is too tight, it will collapse. Needless to say, if it is too loose, it is like an old grandfather playing chess in the park. If your arms have perfect muscle lines, then the short sleeve shirt must be a good ornament for your muscles

II. Pay attention to buttons

There are many buttons on short sleeved shirts. Generally speaking, it is recommended to button the buttons to the top to make them look more formal. Of course, you can also button only one button, which looks casual and casual, but also has a little bit of cultural temperament

III. pay attention to occasions

For important social activities, such as banquets, evening parties, celebrations, etc., short sleeved shirts with exquisite texture and artistic sense should be selected, and the best color is black or white. There is no need to buy pure silk cotton, linen and wool. These fabrics are easy to deform, yellowing and wrinkle, and the price is expensive. You can buy Woven, linen, yarn and synthetic fabrics with good workmanship and texture

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