What Are Hot Pants? What Types Of Hot Pants Are There

Abstract: hot pants are a kind of super shorts that women wear in summer. They have almost no trouser legs. They are not only cool, but also can show their legs to their heart’s content and release their charm. They are very popular with women. The reason why they are called hot pants is that their English name “hot pants” translates directly as hot pants, and they are worn in hot summer, so they get their name. Generally, there are three types of hot pants: H-type hot pants, Q-type hot pants and A-type hot pants. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of hot pants. Let’s have a look< p> I. what are hot pants?

Hot pants, also known as super shorts, are a kind of tight super shorts, which are generally shorter than shorts (only covering the hips). They are usually made of fabrics with special texture, such as horizontal satin, velvet, velour, velvet, and some hot pants are decorated with pearls. Hot pants originated in Europe and the United States. Since there are almost no trouser legs, the legs can usually be fully displayed. Therefore, women often wear hot pants in summer

II. Why are hot pants called hot pants

Many female friends wear hot pants in summer, which is not only cool, but also can release their charm. However, you may not know why hot pants are called this name. In fact, the origin of the name of hot pants has two meanings:

1. In English, hot pants originated in Europe and the United States. It is called “hot pants” in English. In direct translation, hot pants mean sexy and hot, indicating that the style of hot pants is sexy

2. Hot pants are usually worn in hot summer, so they are called hot pants

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III. what types of hot pants are available

In hot summer, many girls will wear hot pants on the street. Although there is only a little cloth in the hot pants, it is also important to pay attention to when choosing the version. There are two types of hot pants:

1. H-shaped hot pants

H-type hot pants are characterized by equal waist and hip width and square in all directions. Most of them are low waist and middle waist. They are not elastic. When worn on the body, they are still in a regular square shape, which can improve the waistline, but have no effect on modifying the waist hip curve

The advantage of H-type hot pants is that they can make the style neutral and convergent. Neutral pants can better match other styles of clothes; In addition, H-type hot pants have more advantages in process, technology and fabric saving, so the price is usually cheaper

However, H-type hot pants also have some disadvantages. If you have a large hip and a thin waist, it is particularly easy to have a gap in the waist or droop forward when wearing H-type hot pants. If you move a few steps more, the pants will fall down; There are also straight legs and contracted trouser legs, which will come and go up after a few movements

2. O-type hot pants

The O-type hot pants are narrowed at the upper and lower ends, loose and fat in the middle, with an O-shaped contour, which can highlight the hips. They have a very good effect on plump hips for girls with flat, narrow and small hips, so they are less friendly than other girls with plump hips

3. Type a hot pants

Type a hot pants are characterized by waist < Hip circumference and trouser legs are wide leg or straight tube, and the whole shape is like a trapezoid. The production of type A is more complicated than that of type h. The common ones are: elastic fabric, non elastic fabric (waist fold) and trapezoidal splicing fabric

The curve of waist and hip of A-shaped hot pants is particularly good-looking. Since the pants are expanded downward from between waist and hip, they can cover the fat under the hips and show the waist curve. They will be more feminine than H-shaped hot pants; The disadvantage is that the body is not good, and it will be strange to wear

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