What Kind Of Shoes Does A Suit Skirt Match? Recommended Shoes For A Suit Skirt Match

Abstract: the suit skirt retains the shape and design of the suit, and the skirt with feminine beauty is enough to make the overall shape look simple and fashionable. What shoes look good with a suit skirt? There are many kinds of matching suits, skirts and shoes. It depends on your personal preference. Such as common suit skirt, high-heeled shoes, short boots, bandage sandals, small leather shoes, long boots and Martin boots. Let’s take a look at the shoes matching the suit and skirt< p> what kind of shoes are good-looking for a suit skirt

1. Suit skirt + strapping sandals

The texture of the suit skirt is stiffer than that of the ordinary skirt, and the cloth will be thicker, which leads to its upper body will be more stuffy and heavy, which violates the principle of lightness and comfort in summer. At this time, it is recommended that you choose sandals or slippers and other shoes with excellent air permeability to wear, neutralize the massiness of the clothing, and make the final shape more cool and comfortable. Shoes can also be added with some details on the bandage or bow elements, sweet and lady

2. Suit skirt + Nude shoes

For small girls, the color of skirts and shoes does not seem to be as high as expected after being unified because of the exposed legs. It is better to replace them with “nude” shoes because the color is close to the skin color, showing the legs and feet to the greatest extent, and the height effect will be more excellent. Or directly expose your feet, which is also very fashionable and high

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3. Suit skirt + high heels

The suit skirt and high heels are definitely a pair of classic CPS. The combination of the intellectual and elegant temperament of the suit skirt and the sexy of the high heels is just right. It is a suit of look that is very suitable for the office. Wearing such a suit will make you look full open, walk with style, dignified, mature and sexy. If you think this collocation is not eye-catching enough, Xiaobian suggests that you choose a pair of high heels with a sense of design or mix and match them with a pair of outstandingly colored high heels, which can not only add artistic flavor to the overall shape, but also enhance the strength of drama. Small girls should avoid round head or square head high heels. Pointed high heels have the best leg length effect

4. Suit skirt + small leather shoes

Young girls don’t have to be obsessed with the sense of work of the suit skirt. They can be more casual in style and fabric. They can also try more colors in color to wear the skirt with a sense of playfulness. In addition, the suit skirt can also be worn as a college uniform, which is more elegant than the Korean uniform and more beautiful than the Japanese uniform. With British Oxford small leather shoes, the texture and fashion sense can be guaranteed

5. Suit skirt + short boots

A suit skirt with short boots is the simplest and tasteful look, which integrates the formal sense of work, the leisure style of life and the personalization of the street. It can not only show your temperament in the office at work, but also sit leisurely and gracefully in the restaurant after work. This kind of collocation is very suitable for the weather in late summer and early autumn. The temperature is just right. It won’t feel cold when wearing a suit skirt alone, and it won’t be inappropriate to wear short boots to expose the thighs. Most importantly, this kind of collocation is very embellishment of the leg shape. It not only shows high, but also shows straight legs. It’s not quick to learn

6. Suit skirt + Martin boots

To count the most versatile shoes that are not easy to go out of fashion, Martin boots are also required. Martin boots can create a variety of styles such as youth, sweetness, chic and cool. Match it with the open leg suit skirt to decorate the leg shape. Of course, when choosing Martin boots, it is also very important to choose the number of holes, bottom thickness and color

Both 8 holes and 10 holes are the number of holes that show the slender legs. The smaller beauty takes 8 holes as the first choice. Too high boots will make her legs shorter. Ordinary thick soles are suitable for driving various styles, while thick soled Martin boots are more suitable for matching cool girls’ suits and skirts. Black Martin boots are the most versatile color. You can choose white, Burgundy, brown and other colors to add vitality and highlight in pursuit of individuality

7. Suit skirt + boots

What kind of boots do you wear? Of course, boots that grow to the calf are the first choice! This kind of boot tube with the length above the calf and below the knee covers the whole calf. The advantage is that it can modify the non straight lines of the legs and set off the proportion of the legs. The disadvantage is that the girl with a large leg belly will have a thicker calf. To avoid this shortcoming, you need to choose a long beard with the boot tube 1~2 cm away from the leg, which has a better meat hiding effect

If many girls still want to wear long boots in autumn, they can try more knee boots with short skirts or shorts to show only a little leg skin and not too fat. And most black wide over the knee boots can also play a role in decorating the leg lines, making the legs straighter and longer

8. Suit skirt + canvas shoes and board shoes

Girls who want to be more youthful on campus can try the combination of kusA suit skirt and canvas shoes or flat bottom casual shoes. Casual shoes can neutralize the femininity of the suit skirt, and the wearing comfort is also the highest

When wearing flat shoes, you can try the “slipper style” wearing method of stepping on the tail of the shoes, which is also a very popular wearing method for wearing canvas shoes. In this way, it is not only convenient to wear and take off, but also visually has the effect of lengthening the leg lines and showing the slender ankles

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