How Do Boys Wear Shorts In Summer? How Do Boys Wear Shorts When They Have Leg Hair?

Abstract: can boys wear shorts in summer? Sure. It’s pathetic not to wear a ventilated skirt. If you can’t even wear shorts, it’s too miserable! So how should boys’ shorts be matched? First of all, of course, the length of the shorts should not be too short, otherwise it will be really feminine! Secondly, the collocation of tops is also very important. Too long tops will make you look very short! If you have luxuriant leg hair, it is recommended to match it more wildly. Next, let’s take a look at the knowledge of boys’ shorts matching< p> how do boys wear shorts in summer

I. length

For boys’ shorts, basically we only need to discuss the length that is knee high and about 10cm above the knee. No matter how short pants girls wear, it is not a problem. If boys wear too short pants, they will always feel a little indecent

II. style

Forget the sports shorts like basketball and football. Don’t wear them outside of sports. For ordinary people, it is easier to control the slim and loose type, and the loose type is not as easy to show short legs as the tight type. In any case, please firmly refuse to wear out pants and pants with many pockets. The style and cut of pants must be simple

III. color

The first is Tibetan blue, black, khaki and denim, which are easy to match and buy. It doesn’t matter whether the jeans are dark or light. The jeans with holes are also great. They are ventilated and stylish. The light to white blue and black jeans are the best match. The texture of the jeans is very easy to take care of. They are not afraid of fading when they are washed in the washing machine. Then the recommended colors are white and khaki. In fact, the designs and colors are also very fashionable and good-looking. However, most straight men will dislike this. If you have to wear them, don’t buy beach pants with flip flops like those from Taobao. This shape tests your personal temperament too much. Most people can’t wear them well. Let’s start with the simplest and safest colors

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IV. matching top

The key point of matching a jacket is: never be too long. A jacket that is too long will swallow the whole short person

[T-shirt] T-shirt is the best to match. You can find a suitable T-shirt for all ages and temperament. It is elastic and tight. White T-shirt is a must. It is very easy to match. Remember that white clothes must be snow-white

[polo shirt] apart from other things, polo shirts must look high-end and slim

[shirt] if you are tall, you can wear a loose shirt with slightly slim shorts, or wear it outside your vest as a coat

[vest] don’t wear it easily. It’s not polite. I think it’s generally necessary to match a good figure with a handsome face, or add a coat

v. matching shoes and socks

Key points: the shoes must look clean and new, especially the white sports shoes. Either do not wear socks (it is easy for feet to smell), or wear socks instead of stockings, which are beyond the control of ordinary people

VI. how to be short and tall

1. If you are short, don’t play oversize easily. Your clothes should always fit, neither too tight nor too loose

2. Tucking the T-part into your pants can make you look better and more fashionable

3. Choose shoes with thick soles such as cat or Martins, and unconsciously lengthen your legs, which can be increased by 3-4cm

how do boys wear shorts if they have leg hair

I. be bold

Leg hair is a symbol of men’s sexiness. Men who wear shorts always have a masculine flavor. Shorts make you cool and dry this summer. Therefore, men should never be afraid to wear shorts because of their long legs and show off boldly

II. how do boys remove leg hair

1. Remove leg hair with external tools

Men can remove leg hair with a razor, but this method can not completely remove hair. It needs to be removed again after a period of time

2. Use depilatory cream

Depilatory cream can remove leg hair very well. This has the advantage that it is very convenient to depilate and easy to operate

3. Wax depilation

Wax depilation can be done at home or in a beauty salon. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. Wait for a period of time to remove the wax. When removing the wax, it should be against the direction of hair growth, and at the same time, it should compress the skin

4. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal can go to a beauty salon or hospital. Laser hair removal has no pain. It just destroys hair follicle cells and makes hair lose its growth ability. New hair will grow in 1 ~ 2 months. Laser hair removal is expensive and requires several times of hair removal

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