The Origin Of Basketball Clothes How To Choose Basketball Clothes

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Abstract: basketball clothing is the clothing that athletes wear when playing basketball. It generally includes the vest of the upper body and the shorts of the lower body. The two colors are the same and have the function of absorbing sweat. The material is generally made of cloth with good air permeability and hydrophobicity, which will not affect the physical activities of athletes, is not easy to generate static electricity, and is light in weight. Good jerseys help athletes improve their performance. The most famous basketball shirt is the No. 23 jerseys of Jordan bulls. Friends who like basketball should have a basketball suit, but do you know how to choose

origin of basketball clothing

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Speaking of the origin of basketball clothing, it is natural to first understand the origin of basketball. Basketball is one of the confrontational sports centered on shooting. It was created by Dr. James Naismith, a teacher of the field YMCA Training School in Massachusetts in January 1892 (another way is December 1891). At the beginning, the basketball sportswear was long sleeved. After being ultra short and tight, it gradually evolved into the relatively loose and plump jerseys and pants. From single-sided clothing to double-sided clothing

The classic V-neck design originates from the traditional NBA game clothes. The whole back is designed with nikesphere dry, which makes the interior of the clothes form a good air convection when wearing, giving the wearer a cool feeling of comfort. The side is spliced with breathable mesh fabric, which is designed with fashionable contrast color stitching, and the chic hooptech embroidery is placed under the back

how to choose basketball clothes

1. The ball uniforms are roughly divided into match uniforms and street ball uniforms! Generally, the uniforms ordered by schools or units are game uniforms. There are two kinds of regular edition and boutique Edition (mainly embroidery finishing)

2. There is little difference in the overall quality of the regular version of the ball clothing market. It can be slightly distinguished from the weight of the clothes and the softness of the fabric and feel

3. Because there may be different numbers of basketball clothes of each brand, it is recommended to try them on

4. Number printing: processing requires time. Try to prepare and order as early as possible, and leave more time for yourself, which can not only save postage, but also reduce delays. Price some stores in the market increase the unit price and do not need to print numbers; Some sellers reduce the unit price and charge printing fee. These are all different marketing models. It’s good to distinguish them by the total price

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