The Ultimate Age Reduction Dressing Technique Of 30+ Women Turns Into A Beautiful Girl In One Second

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For 30+ women, it’s a good way to wear clothes to look young, but how to wear clothes to reduce ageThe sweatermatches the suit, neutralizing the seriousness of the suitKnitwearwith dress, gentle and agingDenim jacketwith tight pants, full of vitalitySuspendersmatch with T-shirts, and become college students in secondsShirt skirtwith small white shoes, easy to have a girlish feeling. Next, Xiaobian will recommend several fashionable aging pieces. Come and have a look

Wearing skills of sweater

wear: the sweater has an aura of age reduction. Even if it is matched with a serious piece like a suit, it will not appear old-fashioned, but can neutralize boredom and bring a sense of liveliness. Matching it with a pair of Lefu shoes can be daily and casual; The sweater can be mixed and matched with the hip wrap skirt. There is no lack of playfulness in the femininity, giving people full vitality

Shopping points: the hooded style is more recommended for the reduced age sweater. When it is worn inside, the hat is exposed, which makes it more lively and the effect of age reduction is better. Hoodies with a little print can be selected to make the overall shape bright and not too abrupt


wearing skills: Knitwear gives people a very gentle feeling, with a small plaid shirt and small Leggings inside, and lofook shoes on your feet, full of College style; You can also wear a dress or skirt inside, high top canvas shoes and canvas bags, which are full of artistic temperament, gentle and sweet without losing the sense of aging

Shopping points: the medium and long knitted cardigan is very suitable for creating a smart and playful girlish feeling. It has a moderate length and is more friendly to the body. It is thin but not bloated. The loose style can also add a bit of lazy girlish temperament

Denim jacket

wearing skills: denim elements have a great sense of aging, and denim jacket is very practical. The most common is to match it with black tight pants, T-shirts and canvas shoes. Even if it is worn by 30 +, it has no sense of conflict; You can also wear an A-line skirt and a slim top inside, which not only has the softness of women, but also adds a sense of vitality

Shopping points: a silhouetted medium and long denim coat can cover the fat at the waist, and it can be more casual and handsome. If you want to be special, you can also choose the style with printing and embroidery embellishment, but you should avoid too many colors to appear messy

Strap pants

wearing skills: strap pants are a symbol of youth. Wearing them is like a newly enrolled student, who is very young. Match it with a printed T-shirt full of childish interest, and then put on small white shoes to easily wear a girlish feeling. You can also change the T-shirt into a classic striped shirt, which can simply wear a college style feeling

Shopping points: the suspenders should not be too close fitting. The slightly loose style can give a sense of vitality. The material can be either cowboy or cotton. In addition, the nine point trousers are more friendly to wear and show long legs, which is worth choosing

Shirt skirt

wearing skills: compared with other dresses, shirt skirt has both a sense of formality and a sense of aging. With sports shoes, it is not only youthful and playful, but also has a clean and fresh temperament of literature and art, which is pleasing to the eye; The pure color shirt skirt can use the belt to highlight the waist line, which is gentle and elegant. With small white shoes, it is a little more fresh and full of girlish feeling

Shopping points: small plaids, stripes, or light solid color shirts and skirts are more youthful. It is best to choose the length on the knee, which not only shows the length of the legs, but also makes it easier to wear them lively

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