what kind of pants are good-looking with leather clothes

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leather clothes are very handsome clothes. They are not only good-looking, but also very warm in winter. Leather clothes are easy to match. So what kind of pants are good-looking with leather clothes? How to maintain leather clothes

what kind of pants do you wear with leather clothes?

1. Leather clothes + jeans

jeans are the most versatile, but you still need some tips to wear fashionable. Most people usually wear slim fitting pants, such as pencil pants, but this kind of pants is too selective, which is not friendly to people with thick legs. On the contrary, choosing straight jeans will not cause such distress. For short girls, choosing nine point pants is the best. In addition, with a pair of small black leather shoes, you can immediately look Korean

2. Leather clothes + leather pants

I like my little sister with some personality. I can’t make mistakes when matching with leather pants. This wearing method of the same color and material is suitable for everyone. Black leather pants are still very thin. If it’s a girl with thick legs, it’s better to choose a medium and long leather coat to cover the fat place

3. Leather clothes + sports Leggings

in autumn and winter, there will be many fur integrated coats, which are very warm, thin and fashionable. The lower body is equipped with sports leggings, which are comfortable and warm

how to deal with wrinkled leather clothes

wrinkled leather clothes are mostly caused by improper cleaning or storage. In case of such problems, first wipe the surface of the leather clothes with a wet towel, try to restore it to its original state, then iron the wrinkled parts of the leather clothes with an iron, and then dry them in a cool and ventilated place. If the wrinkles are still obvious, it is recommended to use a professional leather wrinkle remover. The wrinkle removal effect is very obvious

how to deal with the white spots on leather clothes

the white spots on leather clothes are mostly caused by the moisture and mildew of the clothes, because the leather clothes have been in a humid environment for a long time, the moldy substances will be on the leather clothes, and many small white spots will appear on the leather clothes for a long time. We can wipe the white spots on the evaluation surface with a wet towel. If there are still residual white spots, we can wipe them with leather oil or send them to a professional dry cleaner for cleaning. Because the leather clothes will produce white spots in a humid environment, the leather clothes that are not worn must be covered with a jacket on the outer layer, and the leather clothes should be regularly dried in the outdoor environment

leather clothes and jeans are very fashionable. Jeans are also a versatile dress. Leather clothes and leather pants are the most suitable clothes for girls who want to be more personalized. Being thin is not easy to make mistakes

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