Where Is The Length Of Men’S Trousers? How To Determine The Appropriate Length Of Trousers

Abstract: the suit is a kind of formal clothes, which looks more formal. There are also many things about wearing suits, among which the length of trousers should be the hottest topic in the discussion about trousers. Because everyone’s legs are different in length, there is basically enough allowance for the length of each new suit pants, so you should know how long the suit pants are when you buy them. So where does the length of men’s trousers fit? In China, the trouser legs of western-style trousers generally reach the upper edge of the heels or another 1 cm down. Let’s have a look with Xiaobian< p> where is the appropriate length of men’s trousers

1. Trousers length

The most suitable length of trousers legs is that after sitting down, you expose your socks, and then the protruding bone from the trousers legs to your ankles is about 1cm. It doesn’t matter if you cross your legs to expose a little meat. If you try to say that you can’t see your socks while sitting, you will find that the length of your pants is so long that a bag of things has hung on your shoes when you stand up, which is not suitable

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2. Fit – there is no such thing as “wide leg” trousers

A qualified pair of trousers should be fit first. It should present a natural human form: the waist and hips are the widest, and gradually shrink to the ankles. There should be no accumulation of redundant fabrics. At the same time, this pair of trousers should be loose enough for you to move freely. In particular, there should be no strange folds in the thighs – otherwise, it means that your trousers are too tight

3. Pants length – shorter and shorter is the trend

As for the length of trousers, with the changes of times and public aesthetics, its definition has indeed changed a lot

For example, until now, many people believe that “it is appropriate for the trailing edge of trousers to be located at the junction of upper and sole of leather shoes”. I think only in this way can I not expose the ankle skin on the socks when I sit down. In fact, it is perfectly normal to show your ankles when sitting down in trousers. But it is wrong to wear socks with a suit. The only right choice for matching trousers is stockings

Even, more and more people choose to make the trousers into the length of 9-point trousers when they wear them casually. However, wearing such trousers is not simply to shorten the length of the trousers. The trouser legs must also be reduced because the ankles are thinner

4. Style of trousers

In western dress etiquette, the length of trousers is roughly divided into three styles: full break, medium break and no break

The first two are conservative. There will be oneortwo simple folds at the trouser legs, and there will not be too many ankles exposed when sitting down. If you work in a bank, law firm and other industries that require high seriousness of work, or if your business card is printed with a more senior title, the first two options may be safer

But now more and more people like no break. No break’s trousers are straight down to the upper of the leather shoes, and the length is just right without any wrinkle, which makes them look energetic and neat. When you sit down, part of your ankles will be exposed for a while, which can also show your carefully selected suit stockings

how to determine the length of trousers

1. Italian or British wearing method: the legs are upright, and the trouser legs are 2-3cm below the upper edge of the uppers. The Japanese and Koreans who are fastidious wear the same way. This is the most standard way to wear trousers

2. The common wearing method in China is that the trouser leg is generally up to the upper edge of the heel or about 1 cm down

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