How To Wash The Swimming Cap How To Maintain The Swimming Cap

Abstract: Although the swimming cap is a small accessory, in daily use, we should also pay attention to some routine problems of cleaning and maintenance. In fact, the cleaning method of swimming cap is very simple. A simple hand sanitizer can be used. During the maintenance, the swimming cap shall be timely washed and dried with clean water after use. When the swimming cap is not used for a long time, it shall be stored. Next, this article will briefly introduce how to wash the swimming cap and how to maintain the swimming cap. Come to this article with me< p> I. how to wash the swimming cap

Swimming equipment is to swimmers what clothes are to women, running shoes are to runners, and strings are to guitarists. They are not only good at heart, but also unbearable! Since it is something you like, of course, you should cherish it. Incorrect use may cause damage to the equipment. Come and learn the correct way to wash your swimming cap with me! Let them accompany you on a longer swimming journey ~

1. Need to prepare: clean water, detergent, silicone swimming cap

2. Take out the silicone swimming cap first

3. Squeeze an appropriate amount of detergent on your hands for use

4. Then wash the silicone swimming cap with detergent

5. The silicone swimming cap needs to be turned over and cleaned again

6. Rinse the silicone swimming cap with clean water

7. Finally, take a look at the silicone swimming cap and it will be cleaned

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II. How to maintain swimming caps

1. Although the silicone swimming cap is elastic, do not pull it hard when wearing it. It is easy to tear it. You should slowly open the cap with both hands

2. Girls with long hair are used to fixing their hair before wearing swimming caps. It is best to use rubber bands to bind their hair (the lower the binding position is, the better). Do not use hairpins. It is easy to cut the swimming cap

3. Wash and dry the swimming cap in time after use. Avoid sun exposure to prevent material aging

4. After a long time, the surface of the swimming cap is prone to dirt. You can use a soft cloth to wet the bath liquid or shampoo for a little cleaning

5. When the swimming cap is not used for a long time, pay attention to storage. There is a little secret to prevent the cap from aging, that is, apply a layer of talcum powder on the inside and outside of the cap, and then put it away, so that the cap will not age even if it is put on for a year and a half, and the color is still bright ~

How about it? Have you learned it? Swimming cap is a good partner to help us swim freely. It not only makes you more stylish, but also helps you swim more freely. Remember to be nice to them

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