Is The Suit Skirt Split Front Or Back? What Is The Appropriate Length Of The Suit Skirt

Abstract: the suit skirt refers to the combination of a suit on the top and a straight skirt with slits on the bottom. It is very popular with professional women in the business world and has gradually evolved into the exclusive clothing of professional women. However, many people are not very clear about whether the split of the suit skirt is front or back, and how long the suit skirt should be. Let’s take a look< p> I. whether the suit skirt is front or back

A suit skirt is usually split at the back of the skirt. The suit skirt belongs to formal dress, and its style will highlight the wearer’s capable temperament in design. Usually, the formal dress will be close to the tight shape. Although it is beautiful, it will affect the wearer’s activity scale to a certain extent. Therefore, it is usually split at the back of the suit skirt to facilitate the wearer to walk. In addition, generally, the back of the long suit skirt that is over the knee will only be forked to facilitate the wearer’s activities. The shorter suit skirt will not be designed to be forked to avoid the inconvenience caused by the light

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II. How long should the suit skirt be

Women’s formal dresses are mainly narrow skirts. For young women, the hem can be 3 ~ 6cm above the knee, but not too short; The skirt of middle-aged and elderly women should choose the hem about 3cm below the knee, and the skirt should wear a petticoat. Leather or imitation leather suits and skirts should not be worn on formal occasions

For formal occasions and older ones, the skirt length should be above the knee. It is recommended to choose medium and long professional dress; Young informal occasions can be above the knee

III. size comparison chart of professional dress

Skirt Size S M L XL XXL

Garment size 3638404244

Bust /cm 79-82 83-86 87-90 91-94 95-98

Waist /cm 62-66 67-70 71-74 75-78 79-82

Shoulder width /cm 3738394041

Height / bust 155/82a 160/86a 165/90a 170/94a 172/98a

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