Super Practical Children’s Clothing Purchasing Skills. Of Course, Clothes For Babies Should Be Comfortable And Good-Looking

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Introduction dressing up your baby beautifully and handsome is almost a hot thing for all parents, but is your baby’s clothes really safe? How to wear comfortable and healthy clothes made of fabric? How should children of different ages choose clothes? Children’s skin is delicate and needs careful care, and clothes, as items that directly contact the skin, should be more careful in their choice. Don’t be careless. If you care about children’s health, start with giving them safe and comfortable clothes. 1

the “secret” of the label

when choosing children’s clothes, many parents only pay attention to the style and price, and often ignore the labels on the clothes. In fact, the labels contain many important information, such as fabric composition, safety category, washing instructions, etc. wearing inappropriate clothes is likely to cause harm to the physical and mental safety and health of children. 2

baby’s new face

for children’s clothing, health and comfort are of course the primary conditions, but the sense of design and fashion are also indispensable factors. Faced with the dazzling children’s clothes on the market, mothers are puzzled. How can they match them to make their babies wear fashionable and beautiful, but also different? 3

childhood is different “

because children are in a stage of rapid growth, the replacement of children’s clothes is also relatively fast. However, parents must not treat their children carelessly just because they wear clothes soon. In fact, children of different ages also need different styles of clothes, so as to make their children wear more natural and comfortable. Be careful of hidden “killer”

  • rope hidden danger, you know? The rope belt decorated on the clothes is too long, which may lead to children’s entanglement and suffocation, especially some hoodies, dresses or pants with belts. In order to avoid danger when children play, parents should cut off the rope belt on the baby’s clothes or fix it with needles and threads
  • rough zippers cannot be used as indispensable accessories in clothing and play their due functions. However, in the case of improper use or poor quality, it will bring no small safety hazards to babies. When selecting zippers, you should carefully check whether there are burrs, otherwise it is easy to scratch the baby’s delicate skin
  • beware of decorations. Some parents like to buy blingbling clothes for their children. The shiny beads are inlaid on the clothes, which is very beautiful, but most of the sequins on the clothes are not sticky, which is easy to be picked out and swallowed by children, causing gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, don’t pursue fashion in your baby’s clothes, and try to choose clothes with few accessories
  • chemical substances do great harm. In order to make clothes easy to color and not fade, some bad enterprises will add too many chemical additives, such as azo dyes and formaldehyde. Parents should try to choose those marked with the words of the national compulsory textile standard gb18401 on the label. It is best to rinse the newly bought clothes with clean water before wearing them to their children


a good brand is more reassuring

children’s skin is delicate, and clothes are products that are in close contact with their baby’s skin every day. You must be careful when choosing to avoid discomfort to your baby, and choosing a large brand with more guaranteed quality can also reduce many potential safety hazards and let your child enjoy a carefree childhood.

Cute children’s essential accessories

  • children’s shoes as children’s necessary equipment for travel, we should also pay more attention to the choice. Because children’s feet are not fully developed and relatively soft, the soles of shoes should also have appropriate thickness and soft hardness
  • children’s underwear is something that baby’s delicate skin directly contacts, and comfort is particularly important. Therefore, safe and healthy materials, tight and generous versions, and fashionable and generous designs are all the key points to be considered
  • children’s socks feet are people’s second heart. Because the baby’s temperature regulation function is not yet mature, children’s socks can play a role in keeping warm. Some children exercise a lot, and the soles of their feet are easy to sweat. Children’s socks can also absorb moisture and dissipate sweat
  • parent-child clothing can make the feelings between family members closer. It looks like a closely connected whole and is an obvious image symbol, which can not be achieved by pure men’s clothing, women’s clothing or children’s clothing

conclusion beautiful and fashionable children’s clothes can not only make babies wear their own personality, but also wear them comfortably. Compared with adults, babies’ skin is more delicate and sensitive, so no matter what kind of children’s clothes they choose, safety and comfort are the most important.

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