what color of coat does the green bottomed shirt go with?

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the color of green has always been at the forefront of fashion. Many big brand logos use green, such as the famous Gucci. Green bottomed shirts are popular in autumn and winter. What color of coat is more suitable

what color coat does the green bottomed shirt match

the green bottomed shirt is suitable for matching with the light color coat, or with the color system similar to the color system, or with the classic color system, so it is generally suitable for matching with beige, khaki, navy blue, smoke gray, pink and other coats. If it is a fruit green base coat, it is suitable for white or khaki, which can make the skin white and more energetic; If it is a dark green bottoming coat, it is suitable to match with classic colors such as black or gray, which will be elegant and noble; If it is a dark green bottoming coat, you can choose a dark blue coat, which is more stable and attractive

what kind of coat to match with green bottoms

1. Green bottoms + white coats

green will look fresh, and it will look fresh. White also has such a feeling. Therefore, the combination of white and green has always been relatively stable, which can make the skin look white and bright, and give people a feeling of more vitality

2. Green base coat + Khaki coat

khaki is between white, beige and gray light yellow. It is a very soft and vibrant color. Like green, it will make people white and temperament, and it will make people look very energetic and full of upward positive energy

3. Green bottoms + black coats

black has always been a versatile color in the classic color system. Matching with green bottoms will make people have an elegant side in their noble temperament. Such matching will not go wrong at any time, and black can also be replaced by classic colors such as white

4. Green bottomed clothes + navy blue coat

the combination of green and navy blue will be stable in maturity, give people the impression of being very lady and intellectual, and make people who wear it look more temperament. Although they are not as young as girls, they have more charm of mature women

5. Green bottoming coat + pink coat

wearing a green bottoming coat can also be matched with a pink coat. The two colors will have a strong contrast, which makes people more personalized, and it can add a bit of elegance. Of course, this combination has high requirements for skin color, and the skin color is too dark to be suitable

what kind of pants should be matched with green bottoms

pants in cigarette grey, off white, indigo, black, white and coffee colors are recommended. As for the style, it should be selected according to the coat and temperament, because bottoms are often not the protagonist of matching, so the choice of pants should not only depend on bottoms

green bottoms can be matched with beige, khaki, navy blue, smoke grey and pink. Fruit green bottoms are suitable for white or khaki. In this way, you can look more white and look more handsome and noble with black

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