What Items Should Be Prepared For Sports In Stadiums And Gymnasiums? Recommended List Of The Most Practical Stadium Sports Equipment

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  • ball equipment racket
  • sports equipment
  • sports shoes and clothing
  • sports protective equipment
  • personal supplies

as the saying goes, “life lies in sports”. In your spare time, make an appointment with three or five friends to go to the stadium to relax. It’s not pleasant! However, stadiums and gymnasiums are generally open, but rarely provide sports equipment, so we’d better prepare the corresponding ball equipment and rackets by ourselves. In addition, sports shoes and clothing, sports protective equipment and some necessary personal items should also be prepared, so as to better experience the fun of sports. Next, I’ll share with you a list of practical sports equipment in the stadium and the key points of purchase. Let’s have a look

Ball rackets

  • basketball

    basketball courts in stadiums and gymnasiums are generally wood floors or plastic floors. There is no need to worry about wear resistance. You can choose leather or synthetic leather basketball, which is more comfortable in elasticity and feel, and easier to control. It is suitable for practice or professional games


  • football

    the outdoor football field is large and mostly grass, so football needs high resilience and good wear resistance, which is suitable for No. 5 football; The indoor area is small and mostly wooden or plastic floors. It is suitable for No. 4 low billiard ball, which is convenient for practicing footwork


  • table tennis racket

    the horizontal racket is generally suitable for players who are tall, have a large range of movement, and are partial to strength; The direct hold is more suitable for players with fast reaction, many changes and flexible body. The slightly hard wood is suitable for fast attack players, and the slightly soft wood is suitable for loopers and choppers


  • badminton racket

    offensive players can choose the racket with medium hardness and front balance point, so your attack will be very effective; For defensive players, they can choose the racket with moderate or slightly soft middle shot hardness and a rear balance point, which can better control the racket


  • tennis racket

    beginners have less power. It is recommended to choose OS large racket face racket, which is easier to hit the ball; Advanced players have medium strength and choose MP racket face general racket, which is more convenient to use; Professionals have greater strength, so choosing mid racket and face racket has better control effect


  • golf club

    golf beginners are advised to use a large club head, which is easier to hit the ball and will give beginners psychological confidence; In addition, the grip of the club should be of appropriate thickness. When you grip the club, the grip should allow the middle finger and ring finger of your left hand to just touch it


sports equipment swimming equipment generally a pair of swimming trunks or swimsuits is enough. Of course, professional ones also need to wear protective articles such as swimming caps, goggles, earplugs, nose clips, etc. in addition, beginners can also bring their own life buoys, life jackets, water lifting plates, floating sleeves and other floating objects. Detailed Roller skating is inseparable from a pair of suitable roller skates. Beginners and children also need to wear roller skates such as helmets and elbow protectors. In addition, they also need to bring their own roller skate skills training supplies, such as roller skate stakes and traction belts. To play Taiji and practice Chinese martial arts, it is best to wear professional practicing clothes and martial arts shoes. You can choose martial arts supplies such as Tai Chi sword, martial arts fan, nine knots whip, knife, gun and stick according to your preferences. Modern combat Taekwondo needs to be equipped with Taekwondo clothes, foot targets, helmets, armor and other protective equipment; Boxing and Sanda need gloves, bandages, sandbags, sandbags and other training equipment and armor; Wrestling requires wrestling shoes, wrestling clothes, wrestling mats and training dummies. Detailed Sports shoes and clothing sports clothes are the basic requirements of sports clothes, which are comfortable, breathable, sweat wicking and quick drying. Leisure running sports suits are more general. Of course, basketball, football and other ball games are best to wear special jerseys and pants, while martial arts fighting sports require special training clothes, such as Tai Chi clothes, taekwondo clothes, wrestling clothes, etc. Light and breathable sports shoes, shock absorption and wear resistance are the basic requirements of sports shoes. Running shoes are relatively common. In addition to basketball shoes and football shoes, comprehensive training shoes can be selected for ball games, such as table tennis, badminton, tennis and other small ball games; And martial arts fighting sports, it is best to wear special martial arts shoes. The basic requirements of sports socks are soft and sweat absorbing, wear-resistant and anti-skid, and good elasticity. Generally, medium and short tube socks are mainly used. Of course, some highly antagonistic sports, such as basketball and football, can choose high tube and long tube ones to better protect the calfDetailed The basic requirements of sports hats are sun protection and UV protection, fast drying, breathable and cool materials. They are generally used in outdoor sports venues in spring and summer. The styles are mainly baseball caps and duck tongue caps. Sports protective gear ball games basketball, football, tennis, badminton and other ball games generally need wrist, knee, waist, elbow, finger, ankle, shoulder and other protective gear, which can well protect all joint parts of the body. You can wear some sports protective gear according to your personal needs. Fighting sports, such as taekwondo, Sanda, wrestling, boxing and other fighting sports, have strong physical antagonism, and require special protective equipment, such as helmets, foot targets, crotch protection, gloves, arm guards, bandages, etc. Roller skating when playing roller skating, skateboarding, skating and other sports, it is easy to fall due to unstable center of gravity, especially for novices and children, it is best to wear a set of roller skating protective gear, generally including helmet, wrist guard, knee pad and elbow protection. Purchase key points good sports protective equipment should have good warmth retention and breathability, not easy to lose heat and dry and comfortable; Good compressibility and support, reducing the possibility of injury due to improper stress or excessive fatigue; It is very protective and restorative, and has a good corrective effect on the injured parts to prevent re injury.

Personal goods sports bags generally require breathable and wear-resistant, light and waterproof, reasonable modeling structure, eye-catching appearance color, and decorated with pattern marks. Most of them are backpacks, waist bags and arm bags, which are convenient to carry mobile phones, kettles, sports equipment and other supplies. Sports towels are generally required to be soft and skin friendly, with good sweat absorption effect. Pure cotton and bamboo fiber materials are similar in touch, but bamboo fiber towels have better water absorption performance, but they will become dry and hard after long-term use, so it is best to choose according to personal use needs. Sports cups are generally required to be portable, large capacity, durable and fall resistant. You can choose food grade plastic material, which is light and affordable. You can also choose silicone material, which is foldable, easy to carry, and heat-resistant and fall resistant. Other supplies spare clothes and trousers, underwear, socks, bathing supplies, cotton swabs, paper towels, etc. Sports equipment brand online shop recommends more wonderful recommendations

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