what kind of jacket does the Velvet Pants go with?

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the velvet pants should be familiar to everyone. In fact, they are commonly referred to as corduroy pants. These pants are very comfortable to wear and feel very slippery! So what kind of jacket does the velvet pants look better with

what kind of top does the velvet pants match

1 The color of striped trousers with shirt

pink striped trousers is tender. If we usually wear such color of Velvet Pants, we must match it with a large V-neck check shirt, so as to support the due beauty and give people a casual look. It is necessary for us to spend holidays and play at ordinary times

as we all know, yellow is a kind of bright color. This color is also a very good choice for us to wear the same color goose yellow shirt. In this way, we can not only get rid of the conventional wearing method, but also tie a bow on the shirt in front of the chest, full of French style. Give people a feeling of love

2. I don’t know when the striped pants with leopard print round neck top began to feel very old-fashioned. In fact, they didn’t match well. If matching is undoubtedly the most frequent element of Fashion Week Street Photos and major fashion brands, both appearance and appearance are quite atmospheric, and the style is free, so we usually use corduroy pants to match. Leopard stitched round neck top with orange corduroy pants makes the mix and match look more fashionable

3. What is the first impression of the striped trousers with the long windbreaker

windbreaker? I believe everyone has thought of the cool feeling. We can see some of them wearing trench coats in American blockbusters or in important places, so our usual striped pants with long trench coats are also a very good style. First of all, the elegance of the trench coat weakens the heaviness of the original striped pants, which makes the overall shape flexible and lively, long and short, and full of passion, It is very suitable for our usual Street concave shape

how to wash corduroy pants

corduroy can be washed with water, but it is not suitable to use washboards, let alone hard brushes. If there is oil stain on the laundry, remove the oil stain first, then soak it in the laundry solution for 5~10 minutes, and then gently wash it with the washing machine for 2 minutes or gently rub it with your hands. Don’t unscrew it after washing, but squeeze out the water on the laundry. This will not damage the fuzz, crease or affect the gloss. The dark color of corduroy, such as dark coffee, jujube red, dark green and other colors, is often dyed with direct dyes, which often leads to color fading. Therefore, do not wash clothes with other colors, otherwise color pollution will occur. Corduroy clothes dark series, such as dark coffee, jujube red, dark green and other colors of clothes tend to fade because of more dyes. Therefore, it is not appropriate to wash these clothes together with other clothes when cleaning them, so as to avoid the phenomenon of clothes dyeing

corduroy pants have the difference between elastic and non elastic

1. Elastic corduroy: add elastic fibers to some warp and weft yarns at the bottom of corduroy to obtain warp and weft elastic corduroy. The addition of spandex improves the comfort of clothing and can be made into tight fitting clothing; The utility model is beneficial to the compact structure of the bottom cloth and prevents the corduroy from shedding wool; It can improve the shape retention of clothing and improve the phenomenon of knee and elbow arch of traditional cotton clothing

2. Viscose corduroy: with viscose as the warp, the drape, light and hand feel of traditional corduroy can be improved. The drape of viscose corduroy is improved, with bright luster, bright color and smooth hand feel, which is like velvet

3. Polyester corduroy: with the acceleration of people’s pace of life, people pay more attention to the easy maintenance, washability and wearability of clothing. Therefore, polyester corduroy with polyester as raw material is also an indispensable branch of the product. It not only has bright colors, good washability and wearability, but also has good shape retention, which is suitable for making casual coats

the striped trousers with the shirt make people feel more casual but not tacky. It is a more suitable way to wear them when going out. The striped trousers with the leopard print round neck top is a method that many street photographers like to wear. The leopard print round neck is actually a very fashionable element

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