what to wear with fur

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fur is one of the indispensable clothes in winter. Fur is made of animal fur. In cold winter, fur is a warm and fashionable item. How to match fur is better

what to wear with fur

1. Fur + jeans

in the fashionable street photography, fur and jeans are the most popular choice. There are various styles of nine point curled straight tube. Because jeans are not only unique in color, the most important thing is that they can create a casual and free feeling and instantly break the boredom in winter

2. Fur + bell bottoms

the retro style is too strong, and the bell bottoms, which were popular in the 1990s, have swept in again. Now almost everyone has one leg, which can not only rest their leg shape, but also have a very modern style. It’s a perfect interior for fur. Black bell bottoms are the most common style. Generally, there is no mistake in matching with short fur coats. The choice of shoes can be flat bottomed or short boots

3. Fur + leather pants

if you want to be more aggressive, match it with a cool and warm leather pants, and this winter will be perfect! But if you want to wear a fashion attitude, a slightly loose style has a neutral and capable temperament

can you wash the fur yourself

the answer is of course not. Leather is easy to shrink and deform after washing. The scales on the long fur of fur are easily felted due to incorrect washing methods. If your fur is wet by rain or wet with water, you need to use toilet paper or dry towel in time to absorb the water stains on the fur surface, and then place it in a ventilated and transparent place, dry it naturally, and dry it in the air for sterilization. Keep in mind that fur should not be baked in a radiator or dryer, which will easily lead to high-temperature deformation of fur

how to wash fur at home

lay the fur clothes to be cleaned on the desktop, with the hair side of the clothes facing up, and then spray the fur of the fur with a small flower sprinkling, but do not be too wet, especially do not spray the leather board, and then spread the prepared corn flour evenly on the surface of the fur, and then rub the fur back and forth with your hands. After rubbing the fur, We shake down the corn flour on Maomao; Then carefully comb the hair with a wide tooth comb prepared in advance. In this process, be careful not to use too much force. If the hair kills the knot, be careful to open it by hand. In this way, the fur will be more fluffy after treatment; Finally, dry the cleaned fur and remember not to expose it to the sun

leather and jeans are a good choice. Jeans can highlight the body, create a casual and free feeling, and instantly break the boredom in winter. Leather and bell bottoms are a very popular way to wear them

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