A Pair Of Cropped Trousers With Stockings Or Socks What Kind Of Socks Are Suitable For Wearing Cropped Trousers With

Abstract: the pants are worn more in summer. When wearing the pants, you should pay attention to the collocation of the overall dress. For example, in terms of socks, you usually wear socks or do not wear them at all. If you want to wear socks, you should pay attention to the collocation of socks, pants and shoes; In the fashion industry, there are also ways to wear pants with stockings, which will look better if they are properly matched. Generally, the socks matching with the Capri pants can be socks of the same color as the pants, or black socks that highlight the color sense of the Capri pants. Strip socks and logo socks have high requirements on wearing methods and should be carefully selected. Let’s take a look at how the cropped pants match the socks< p> 1 / 5 pants with stockings or socks

It is cool to wear Capris in summer. For the sake of fashion and beauty, we should pay attention to the matching of overall clothes and Capris. Socks seem inconspicuous, but we should also pay attention to them. Do you wear Capris with stockings or socks

How to match socks with quarter length pants depends on the style and color of the quarter length pants. Traditionally, short socks are usually worn, or they are not worn at all. After all, wearing quarter length pants is to keep cool. If you want to wear them, you should pay attention to the proper matching of socks, pants and shoes; However, in the fashion world, there are also popular matching of cropped trousers with stockings. The matching stockings can be 5-8cm or 8-12cm beyond the ankle according to personal preferences. Such matching, if appropriate, will be very fashionable. However, if the stockings are not matched properly, they will visually look shorter

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II. What kind of socks are suitable for wearing cropped pants

When wearing cropped pants, the choice of socks on the lower body is also very important, so how do cropped pants match socks

1. Matching socks

The solid color cropped pants can make the leg lines look more smooth. Matching with a sock of the same color as the pants can have a better connection effect, showing a small area of leg skin color in the middle, increasing the sense of layering and color contrast, and making the overall shape look very advanced

2. Socks of different colors

When wearing the Capris, if the color of the Capris is more colorful, you can consider wearing socks with different colors from the pants, mainly black, which can better highlight the color sense of the Capris and avoid mutual competition between the two

3. Bar socks

Add strips to weaken the paleness of white socks and grey socks, and use other color strips to transfer the visual center, which can help lengthen the proportion of the lower body. Note that the sock stack can be concentrated in the middle and straightened above

4. Logo socks

Socks with logo on both sides and Capris are also very good to match. The logo pattern depends on what you like. However, pay attention to the overall visual effect and don’t spend too much to avoid overwhelming the guests

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