What Kind Of Fabric Is Good For Summer Pajamas? What Kind Of Pajamas Are Good For Summer

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Many people are used to sleeping in vests or naked in summer, so they are prone to wind chill, which will not only cause shoulder and neck pain, but also coronary heart disease patients are prone to angina pectoris and other symptoms after cold stimulation. Wearing a suitable set of pajamas can protect the shoulders and neck, avoid cold, and also bring a comfortable skin feeling to the body. What kind of underwear to choose in summer? What are the fabrics of summer pajamas? Now let’s introduce the relevant knowledge of women’s summer pajamas

1 advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics

first of all, let’s understand that the pajamas in next winter are basically pure cotton, and the pajamas in summer are generally made of pure cotton, lace, gauze and silk

1.Cotton pajamas in winter

advantages: cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption and breathability, and are gentle and muscle friendly, which can bring you a perfect and comfortable experience. Moreover, pure cotton pajamas are woven from cotton, which are natural, pollution-free, non irritating to the skin, and safer to wear

disadvantages: pure cotton pajamas are easy to wrinkle and not easy to smooth, but also easy to shrink and deform. If they are pure cotton pajamas with poor quality, they will become ugly after washing for several times

2. Lace pajamas in summer

advantages: lace pajamas have been favored by many women because of its unique romance and sexiness. Lace fabric is light and breathable, which will be cooler in summer; And it is very light on the body, without the slightest sense of heaviness. Compared with pure cotton, lace pajamas are not easy to wrinkle and shrink, and they are free and easy to wear

disadvantages: because lace is a chemical fiber fabric, it has a certain stimulation to the body, but with the enhancement of scientific and technological research and development ability, this stimulation will be reduced to the lowest point

3. Summer mesh pajamas

advantages: the fabric composition of mesh pajamas is generally nylon and spandex. Nylon has the greatest advantage of high strength and good wear resistance, while spandex has excellent elasticity. The mesh pajamas integrating the two advantages are of good quality, durability and good elasticity, allowing you to stretch freely. In addition, the mesh pajamas have good air permeability, and the faint gloss on the surface shows a high-end fashion sense

disadvantages: the breathability of mesh pajamas makes the design work very exquisite, which also causes the need to wash gently by hand when washing, and it is not possible to brush hard, wash and twist

4. Silk pajamas in summer

advantages: silk, in people’s impression, is noble and elegant, and the high price makes many people flinch. The unique pearl luster of silk pajamas shows its luxuriance and high-end to your heart’s content. Silk pajamas feel smooth and soft, with good moisture absorption and permeability, as well as good skin care and health care

disadvantages: silk pajamas are delicate, so you should pay special attention to them in the washing process

2. What kind of pajamas to wear in summer

1 Fabric: Knitted pajamas

The most ideal Pajama fabric should be knitted pajamas, which are very light and feel soft and comfortable. In addition, the best raw material should be all cotton fabric, or at least synthetic fiber based on cotton. In fact, from the perspective of health, cotton clothes are the most ideal, because cotton clothes have strong moisture absorption, can better absorb sweat on the skin, and have strong permeability. Cotton pajamas are soft and breathable, which can reduce skin irritation. Unlike man-made fibers, cotton does not cause allergy and itching. Although silk pajamas are smooth, comfortable, beautiful and sexy, they can’t absorb sweat. As an interesting Pajama, they are a good choice. The metabolism of the elderly is slow, and most of them are troubled by dry and itchy skin, while silk has the least irritation to the skin. Silk also has the characteristics of moisture absorption, easy drying and heat removal, which is especially suitable for summer wear

2. Classification: suspender skirt, split suit

The first is the suspender skirt. This kind of pajamas is mainly suitable for summer, which is fashionable and can best show women’s sexy charm. The second kind is the split suit. This kind of pajamas is mainly designed from the two aspects of convenience and comfort. Compared with the skirt, the suit is not too cumbersome, and the action is also very convenient. The best style of pajamas for the elderly is a two-piece suit, with a short sleeved or long sleeved cardigan on the top and trousers or trousers on the lower body. The jacket can be appropriately longer, which can avoid getting cold at the waist when sleeping. The length of pants is best to cover the knees. Finally, look at the size. The clothes you wear during sleep are as loose as possible, so you can buy one size larger than your coat

3. Color: all kinds of pink are appropriate

Elegant and light colors are not only suitable for family wear, but also have the effect of calming the eyes and nerves. Bright red and bright blue pajamas will affect people’s mood relaxation, thus affecting rest. Therefore, the color of pajamas should choose all kinds of pink, such as pink, pink green, pink yellow and beige. If you buy brightly colored pajamas, you must wash them several times after you go home and remove the dyes that may be attached to them. Dark dyes are not good for health. The more clothes dyed, the more chemicals added, the greater the harm to health, which is not only bad for the skin, but also may cause cancer

4. Style:width at back and front

The back and front of the pajamas should have sufficient width, and must not be too small or just right. Because when you sleep with your chest, abdomen and back tightly tied, you will have terrible nightmares. In addition, pajamas should be easy to wear, take off and wash. Of course, clothes for sleeping are different from clothes for going out. Sleeping is the only time to relax in a day. Therefore, don’t have any other unnecessary thoughts. Sleep comfortably when you sleep, and wear loose clothes when you wear pajamas, so that your body can have enough space to stretch in your clothes

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