How To Match Women’s T-Shirts? Good Looking Women’s T-Shirt Matching Skills

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the classic popularity of T-shirts goes without saying that oneortwo women’s T-shirts are absolutely essential items in four seasons, and the styles and colors of women’s T-shirts are also diverse. Although T-shirts are versatile, women’s T-shirts also pay attention to matching skills, and you have to think about it if you want to match them well. So, how to match women’s T-shirts to make you stand out from the public

women’s T-shirt color matching

women’s T-shirt length matching

women’s T-shirt width matching

women’s T-shirt body matching

women’s T-shirt matching legend

1 women’s T-shirt color matching

in daily life, we often see black, white, gray T-shirts and other colors.Collocation of. Black, white and gray are colorless, so no matter which color they match, there will be no big problem

Generally speaking, if the same color is matched with white, it will appear bright; It looks dim when paired with black. Therefore, when matching the colors of clothes, you should first measure which part of the clothes you want to highlight. Don’t mix calm colors, such as dark brown, dark purple and black, which will show the consequences of “color grabbing” with black, making the whole set of clothes without focus, and the overall performance of the clothes will also appear heavy, dark and colorless

white T-shirt:as the most basic style, white T-shirt will not only be a supporting role this year, but also become the real mainstream. No matter it is used with jeans, A-line skirt, or suspender skirt, vulgar printed items, as long as it is matched with small white T-shirt, it will immediately improve the fashion

black T-shirt:black T-shirt is thin and a little cool. It is not only versatile, but also has a first-class thin effect. Compared with small white T-shirt, small black T-shirt is a little cool. Whether it is pure color or printed black T-shirt, it can make you easily wear fashionable. Black T is not only matched with white, but also with blue, which is simple and fashionable

gray T-shirt:for this kind of gray T-shirt, it is completely unattractive. Compared with the small white T-shirt, it is not resistant to dirt, and the small black T-shirt has a sense of heat absorption. The gray T-shirt is a perfectly balanced, low-key and textured gray T-shirt, which looks good in any way. For Asian girls with dark and yellow skin, it will not appear too abrupt, and it can easily create a European and American style. Gray T with black or white, the overall shape is casual and fashionable

2 women’s T-shirt length matching

long at the top and short at the bottom:girls with too large hips, such as pear shaped people, can be decorated, but if mm is too tilted back and the crotch is too wide, don’t choose it. It can form an illusion visually and make people slim and tall

short top and long bottom:a short top can highlight the chest, especially for women who are not satisfied with their chest, they can try to choose a short top to highlight the chest, and the best length of the top should not exceed the navel

average length up and down:this is the most unacceptable way for the public to match the length. Because this kind of collocation is too balanced, there is no bright spot, and I don’t know what I want to highlight. If a slightly conspicuous belt is added, it is easy for onlookers to see the effect of blocking the waist and cutting off

3 women’s T-shirt width matching

wide at the top and narrow at the bottom:for example, bubble sleeves can widen the shoulders, so that the upper part is wide and narrow at the bottom, which makes the wearer’s body look a little “strong”, but it brings us a relaxed and harmonious sense of youth. For another example, for women with small breasts, a short and loose coat can visually enlarge their breasts! Suitable bodies are type A and H

narrow at the top and wide at the bottom:this form of clothing first excludes people with A-type body (that is, pear shaped body). And girls with Y-shape (that is, the body shape with wide top and narrow bottom) will have a good effect if they wear it, and women with H-shape are also suitable

generally wide up and down:the matching rule of generally wide up and down is difficult to find on the Internet. According to my own opinion, this kind of matching requires high skill, which can be compared and coordinated from the aspects of fabric material, color, accessories, etc., but it should be noted that an inattentive one may become a typical bucket waist

4 women’s T-shirt figure matching

square face:T-shirts with square necklines are not suitable, but T-shirts with V-shaped or curved necklines

round face:it is not suitable to wear a T-shirt with a round neck, and it is best to wear a T-shirt with a V-shaped collar or lapel

Thick neck: it is not suitable to wear a closed collar or a narrow collar and collar T-shirt. It is suitable to use a spacious open collar, of course, not too wide

short neck:suitable for wearing T-shirts with open neck, lapel or low neck

long neck:do not wear a low neckline T-shirt

narrow shoulder:it is not suitable to wear a narrow and deep V-neck T-shirt, but a loose bubble sleeve T-shirt

wide shoulders:T-shirts with wide square necklines are not suitable, and deep or narrow v-necklines are suitable

thick arms:sleeveless T-shirts should not be worn, and short sleeved T-shirts should also be in the middle of the arm

small chest:it is not suitable to wear a V-neck T-shirt with cleavage exposed, but a T-shirt with horizontal stripes

large chest:it is not suitable to use high neckline T-shirts, and it is suitable to wear open neckline and low neckline T-shirts

big ass:it is not suitable to wear tight and thin T-shirts. You can choose to wear long and loose T-shirts

bucket waist:you can wear an A-shaped T-shirt on the upper body, or choose bubble sleeves

fat body:dark green, dark blue, dark black and other dark series T-shirts should be worn, because cold colors and low lightness colors have a sense of contraction. Colors should not be too many, generally not more than three colors. The lines should be simple, preferably slender straight stripes

thin and small:it is advisable to wear T-shirts in warm colors such as red, yellow and orange, because warm colors and bright colors have a swelling feeling. It is not suitable to wear dark colors or vertical bar patterns, nor to wear bright red and green with strong contrast between cold and warm

5 women’s T-shirt matching legend

  • upper depth and lower depth: highlight pants, dignified, generous, quiet, serious
  • white T-shirt + denim skirt + boots
  • gray T-shirt + black leggings
  • black T-shirt + jeans + lazy shoes
  • gray T-shirt + skirt + boots

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