Is It Necessary To Wear Compression Clothes For Sports? How To Choose Compression Clothes

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Abstract: now many people like to wear compressed clothes for exercise, because compressed clothes and pants can promote muscle oxygen supply, reduce lactic acid accumulation, prevent cramps, alleviate fatigue, etc. obviously, wearing compressed clothes during exercise has many benefits, but must you wear compressed clothes during exercise? If it is a short-term, low-intensity exercise for the purpose of exercising, you do not have to wear compression clothes. And if you want to carry out high-intensity sports in high ultraviolet or high heat environment, it is necessary to wear a compression coat. Now let’s learn about the knowledge of lower compression clothing

I. is it necessary to wear compression clothes for sports

Do you have to wear compression clothes when exercising? The answer may be No

First of all, there is no need to wear compression clothes for short-term and low-intensity sports. Compression clothes are expensive and complex to wear and take off. There is really no need to work hard and lose money for a low-intensity sports

In addition, sports for the purpose of exercising do not have to wear compression clothes. Although compression clothes can make the body comfortable and labor-saving during exercise, they can’t provide us with better exercise results. When the exercise intensity is controllable and there is no need for sunscreen, compression clothing is not a necessary option

Conversely, if you want to carry out high-intensity exercise in a high ultraviolet or high heat environment, a compression suit with sun protection, heat dissipation, sweat wicking and tight fitting functions is particularly important. In this case, compression clothing can not only make us stronger, but also provide us with better protection

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1. See material selection

Only good material selection can make good compression clothes

A good compression coat is composed of more spandex, which is more elastic and wear-resistant, and can withstand tens of thousands of friction without tearing. It also contains a special high tensile elastic memory material, so that the compression clothing can be restored to its original state no matter how it is pulled. Therefore, the compression clothing has a longer life, and it can also have the initial sense of pressure after wearing for a long time

2. Pick knitting process

Advanced knitting technology can ensure high pressure

Compression clothing uses a variety of warp knitted fabrics reinforced by high-quality yarn, combined with mixed elastic fibers to ensure its high elasticity and strong pressure, which can make compression clothing have better recoverability and always maintain high pressure. Compared with the traditional cylinder knitting method, this treatment method is much superior

3. See gradient pressure design

The binding pressure of the whole body, such as tights, has no effect

Because the compression force required by each part of the body when the blood flows back to the heart is different, a good compression clothes will apply gradient pressure to specific parts of the body, which can better promote the blood flow. The pressure applied to the limbs is strong, while the pressure near the heart is weak. This asymptotic and targeted pressure design can accelerate the body to dispose of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes, Provide more oxygen and energy for muscles, which can enable athletes to maintain higher efficiency for a longer time

4. Multi function design

Multiple product function design makes compression clothes more practical

The materials used in some compression clothes also have antibacterial and antistatic effects. The body will sweat a lot during exercise. Good perspiration can make exercise more comfortable, and effective perspiration can inhibit bacteria, making compression clothes safer and hygienic to wear

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