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Introductioncotton and hemp women’s clothing, gives people the first impression that it has nothing to do with fashion. It seems that it is mostly the exclusive clothing of mothers, but cotton and hemp clothing is comfortable, breathable and cool, especially suitable for hot summer, and cotton and hemp clothing can also wear a fresh sense of literature and art when well matched. Today, Xiaobian recommends several cotton and linen women’s clothes that are essential to create a literary style, so that you can show elegant literature and art. Women’s cotton and linen shirts

cotton and linen shirts have their own artistic flavor, mostly in solid color, or embellished with embroidery. They are simple and easy to match, and they are comfortable and breathable cotton and linen materials, which will not be stuffy even in summer

Shopping tips: cotton and linen shirts are better to choose loose versions, which are more lazy and sexy to wear, and can also hide excess meat. Regular shirts are more suitable for young girls, while medium and long shirts are more suitable for mature women who love natural style

Matching Guide: as cotton and linen shirts are relatively loose, matching them with slightly slim pants or shorts is more youthful and energetic; Matching loose casual pants or skirts is more artistic and casual. It can also be matched with long necklaces and bracelets to highlight the artistic temperament

Women’s cotton linen dress

summer is the season of skirts. There are many styles of dresses in the wardrobe, but many people ignore the plain cotton linen dress. Although cotton linen dress is easy to look old, as long as you choose the right style and match it properly, cotton linen dress can also look like a goddess

Shopping skills: the first step to wearing a cotton linen dress that looks like a goddess is to choose elegant colors, and be sure to avoid bright colors; Moreover, the medium length or long style is not attractive, and any figure can be controlled

Matching Guide: loose cotton linen dress must use a belt to artificially improve the waistline, instantly showing high and thin. In addition, pay attention to the coordination of hats, bags, shoes, and create a natural and calm temperament

Women’s cotton and linen pants

because of the heat, most people will choose shorts and skirts in summer, but they are easy to get sunburned if they are not careful. If you want to protect yourself from the sun and cool, you might as well choose a cotton and linen pants. Moreover, the cotton and linen pants have an excellent sag feeling, and they are cool and have a good texture at the same time

Shopping skills: black and white are the most versatile. The wide leg pants have the effect of showing height and thin. Do not pick the leg type. The eight or nine inch pants can expose the ankle and look more refreshing

Matching Guide: cotton and linen trousers can be matched with loose cotton and linen tops, which is natural and fresh; Match it with a versatile white T, simple and elegant; It’s more fashionable to match with a solid color shirt, which can be used as a commuter dress, with a sense of formality and elegance

Women’s cotton and hemp T-shirts

cotton and hemp T-shirts are generally a slightly loose design, especially suitable for hot summer, breathable and refreshing, and can cover the small fat on the stomach. Moreover, most of the styles of cotton and hemp T-shirts are retro, full of artistic temperament

Shopping skills: cotton and linen T-shirts with simplified styles are easy to match and have more space to match; Cotton and linen T-shirts with embroidery, buckle and other retro designs have a strong Chinese style, which is especially suitable for girls who love ancient style

Matching Guide: a slightly loose cotton linen T-shirt is especially suitable for matching with slim fitting pants, and the “wide up and narrow down” dressing method is particularly long legs; Girls who like Mori style can use retro cotton and linen short sleeves with long skirts to instantly show their goddess temperament

Women’s cotton and Linen Skirt

compared with the dress, the matching space of the skirt is larger. Because it is made of cotton and linen, it has a good sag, and it is more textured to wear. Moreover, the cotton and linen skirt has less decoration and is more flexible to match

Shopping skills: do not choose short cotton and linen skirt. The length from knee to ankle is the most appropriate. In addition, the A-shaped skirt has better meat hiding effect. It does not choose the body, but also has the effect of lengthening the height

Matching Guide: the matching of cotton linen skirt is quite diverse. T-shirts are the most common matching in summer. In addition, shirts or cotton linen short sleeves are good choices, but the matching of shoes should be coordinated as a whole. Canvas shoes or single shoes are recommended to show a more artistic temperament

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