What Kind Of Dress Pants To Wear With Top What Kind Of Shoes To Wear With Pants

Abstract: in the hot summer, the most common skirts and pants in the streets are short. However, if you feel that your legs are fat or you don’t want to cover them, you might as well consider long skirts and pants! Good matching of long skirts and pants can make you look like a goddess! What kind of blouse do you wear with long skirts and pants? What shoes do you wear with long skirts and pants? How to match long skirts and trousers? Now let’s learn how to wear pants with Xiaobian< p> I. what kind of top to wear with long skirts and pants

1. White shirt

The white shirt should be a practical dress in our daily wear, and it is very artistic to match it with a long skirt

2. Small black leather clothes

The small black leather coat is a popular dress all the time. It is fashionable, handsome, versatile and thin. It is matched with a long skirt and pants. It is handsome and feminine

3. Black and white stripe T-shirt

Black and white striped T-shirts look good both externally and at the bottom. With a long skirt and pants, they are casual and elegant

4. Black Polka Dot sleeveless chiffon shirt

Chiffon clothes are very foreign and show temperament. Slim women can choose this sleeveless, simple, generous and show their figure

5. Blue sleeveless sweater

Blue is very elegant. This blue sleeveless sweater is a very Korean style. It has a full sense of fashion with a white skirt and pants

6. White T-shirt

The white T-shirt should be a special basic and versatile item for us to wear at ordinary times. It is also very foreign to wear it with long skirts and pants

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II. What shoes to wear with long skirts and pants

1. Canvas shoes

The black short sleeve T-shirt with light tone skirt pants and canvas shoes shows a charming taste in the handsome, giving people a fresh and fashionable feeling, with a kind of elegant visual feeling

2. Fish mouth high heels

The double-layer design effectively creates the skirt effect. The pleats at the waist can highlight the slim waist and just cover the length of the hips to show the sexy legs. Step on a pair of fish mouth high heels, very sexy and charming

3. Pointed high heels

The drapery style design of skirt pants creates an aesthetic sense of hierarchy, and also brings a visual three-dimensional sense, making the hip lines more sexy and charming. It is full of fashion and energy with pointed high heels

4. Flat shoes

The skirt and pants are matched with flat shoes, which is a very simple and common single match, showing a fashionable style. It is very casual and generous to slim down and show beautiful legs

III. how to match long skirts and pants

matching method 1: light blue chiffon pants + white vest + high-heeled sandals

Light blue chiffon pants, soft and breathable, cool and elegant, with sag, simply match with vest and high heels, not only show your tall body, but also have a fresh and natural feeling in summer

matching method 2: Pink long skirt pants + flat sandals

Pink long skirts and pants with simple flat sandals are simple, elegant and natural, wearing a tall body, emitting a strong summer atmosphere

matching method 3: Printed skirt pants + White Sleeveless chiffon shirt + color matching pointed high heels

A pure white sleeveless chiffon shirt, paired with a printed skirt pants, instantly lights up the whole body. Plus a ginger suit and a pair of color matching high heels, the noble and elegant temperament is pleasing to the eye. It feels like a big brand

matching method 4: white high waist skirt pants + Lace Top + white single shoes

Slim style lace top with white high waist skirt pants, coupled with white single shoes, fresh, simple and beautiful feeling. The design of the upper part is loose and the lower part is tight, which makes you wear a perfect figure. Basically, you don’t pick a figure, and you wear a charming and lovely temperament

matching method 5: black skirt pants + striped vest + canvas shoes

Black versatile skirt pants are especially suitable for girls with elephant legs. With striped vests, they are fresh and simple, and can hide ugly legs. Wearing white canvas shoes, they are casual and generous

matching method 6: yellow skirt pants + short shirt + high-heeled sandals

Lace short sleeve shirt with yellow skirt pants, especially cute and sweet style matching, with simple high-heeled sandals, has a kind of charming and sweet temperament

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