Women, As Long As You Have These Four Skirts, You Can Match Them All Year Round!

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skirt is the dress that doesn’t choose body or age. The Hip Wrap style can highlight the exquisite curve and show women’s sexy charm. The loose skirt makes you full of Fairy Spirit and soft female beauty. The skirt is so beautiful that I can’t wait to wear it every day, but I’m afraid it’s too monotonous. In fact, as long as you have four skirts, you can match them all year round. The popular basic ones are versatile and fashionable. They are concave and convex every day, which easily meets your style change ~

first, the pencil skirt highlights the body curve.

the version of the pencil skirt is like a pencil, which is straight as a whole and narrower as you go down. This design only covers the lower body, so the design of the Hip Wrap Skirt tightens the waist and highlights the hip curve, unreservedly shows the female lines, and is the skirt that shows the most figure

Matching points: when wearing it alone, the upper body should be matched with a slim fitting T-shirt or shirt, and in autumn and winter, it should be matched with a sweater, down jacket, and socks. The closeness of the pencil skirt is in sharp contrast to the hypertrophy of the coat, and at the same time, the slender calf is exposed. It looks more than a little thin and has a burst of temperament

Second, the umbrella skirt is not tall, and the figure is the most versatile.

the design focus of the umbrella skirt is on the overall umbrella outline, with a slight pleat at the waist, which is matched with the top to create a V-shaped umbrella shape, elegant, charming and not rigid. It not only raises the waistline, but also covers the meat of the buttocks and thighs, and it is quite casual to match

Matching points: when wearing it alone, the upper body should be matched with a casual shirt, and the hem should be tucked into the waist at will. When it’s cold, you might as well choose a pullover with a woolen umbrella skirt and a long coat. Pay attention to the choice of items must have texture, otherwise if you are not careful, you will wear out the feeling of rotten street

Third, pleated skirt is a must-have style for trendsetters.

pleated skirt can be said to be popular every year and your style is changeable. The long pleated skirt is elegant and swaying; Medium length wide pleated pleated skirt is charming and retro, elegant and dignified; The short leather pleated skirt is lively and handsome, exuding French elegance

Matching points: wear it alone with a loose T-shirt or shirt, elegant and casual. Autumn is getting colder. It is suggested to choose a slim fitting sweater with a knitted pleated skirt, which is dignified and generous; When the weather is particularly cold, it is recommended to choose a medium and long woolen pleated skirt with plush one-piece socks, which is warm and beautiful

Fourth, the A-line skirt is tall and thin, and does not pick people.

the shape of the A-line skirt is like the letter A, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, which is similar to the umbrella skirt, but there is no fold of the umbrella skirt, and the amount of relaxation of the hip circumference is slightly larger. The A-line skirt is basically not tall. Any girl looks good in it. It looks tall and thin. The upper body effect is super good

Collocation points: wear it alone with a baby Collar Chiffon shirt, which is cute and cute, while the formula collar shirt is dignified and generous. The hem of the top or bottoming shirt must be tucked into the skirt, so as to improve the waistline. You can also choose a short top to match

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open the wardrobe and have a look. Which of the above four skirts do you lack. Although their styles are simple, it is these popular basic models that have been enduring in the fashion industry. Four dresses are enough for you to wear all year round. Different styles can wear different flavors, but the choice of fabrics is also very important. Textured fabrics will add points to your temperament. Pay attention when buying clothes

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