Can I Borrow Others’ Swimming Trunks? What Should I Pay Attention To When Wearing Swimming Trunks

Abstract: swimming trunks are worn close to the body. Generally, it is not recommended to borrow others’ trunks or lend your own to others. For one thing, borrowing others’ trunks may not be the right size, and for another, it is not hygienic. In addition to not borrowing swimming trunks, you should also pay attention when wearing swimming trunks. There is no need to wear underwear in the swimming trunks. The swimming trunks should be cleaned when they are just bought. You should wear swimming trunks of appropriate size and tightness. When wearing swimming trunks, you should avoid sitting on rough objects. Let’s take a look at the precautions for wearing swimming trunks< p> I. can I borrow others’ swimming trunks

Swimming in summer is a good way to relieve the summer heat, and it can also exercise. However, sometimes it will be more troublesome if you are temporarily asked by a friend to swim without buying swimming trunks. Sometimes a kind friend will lend you a pair of swimming trunks. Can you borrow them

For most friends, it is not recommended to lend their own swimming trunks to others, and it is better not to borrow others’ swimming trunks, mainly because most of the swimming trunks are close fitting and are selected according to their personal figure. Borrowing others’ swimming trunks may not be in line with their own figure, and it will not be appropriate if they are too large or too small

In addition, after all, swimming trunks are close fitting clothes, just like underwear. Borrowing other people’s swimming trunks is just like wearing other people’s underwear. It’s unsanitary. It’s better to buy one by yourself

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II. What to pay attention to when wearing swimming trunks

Both boys and girls should pay attention to some aspects when wearing swimming trunks. In addition to not wearing other people’s swimming trunks, the precautions for wearing swimming trunks include:

1. There is no need to wear underwear in the swimming trunks. The material of the swimming trunks is fast drying, straight and impermeable. If the underwear is worn inside, it is easy to get wet, uncomfortable and easy to fall off. Secondly, it is harmful to health

2. Do not wear the newly bought swimming trunks directly, but soak them in warm water before wearing them; After swimming, whether at the seaside or in the swimming pool, there will be certain taste and bacteria, so it is necessary to clean up and dry in time after swimming

3. Swimsuits should be selected with appropriate size and tightness according to their own body shape and needs. If the size of swimsuits is not appropriate, they will be uncomfortable to wear, and there may be the risk of exposure and falling off of swimsuits

4. The swimming trunks are worn close to the body, so we must pay attention to hygiene. The selection of materials and fabrics is very important. We should also pay attention to having our own swimming trunks and avoid mixing them with others

5. When sitting on the beach or by the swimming pool wearing swimming trunks, pay attention to avoid sitting on rough objects to avoid damage to the swimming trunks

These are the precautions for wearing swimming trunks. I hope they can help you

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