How Long Is The Skirt Of Women’s Professional Wear? What Are The Precautions For Women To Wear In The Workplace

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Abstract: professional suit skirt is a common dress style for working women. It not only adapts to formal occasions in the office, but also highlights their own figure. Generally speaking, the length of women’s professional dress skirt is 4~5cm below the knee, which is very comfortable and appropriate. Women in the workplace should not only consider the size of the dress, but also pay attention to the occasion and choose the dress or fashion that matches the appearance. Next, let’s have a look with Xiaobian

the length of women’s professional dress is appropriate

To judge whether the professional women’s dress is appropriate, you can sit on the chair with your legs together. If you can clearly see the inside of the skirt from the front, the skirt will be short. Generally, it is the most appropriate for professional skirts to reach the knee or 10 cm above the knee, and it is safer to reach the minimum of 15 cm above the knee. If it is too short, it will appear to be very modest and tempting. Therefore, it is also a knowledge for women to wear skirts in the workplace

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The length of the skirt depends on the match. Generally speaking, the skirt is one inch shorter and one inch wider. The shorter the skirt, the tighter it is. It gives people the feeling that it is sexy and is not suitable for wearing in the workplace. Of course, the size selection also depends on the individual’s leg shape. Different body proportions and the same size show different effects

Secondly, the length of the skirt should not be in the middle of the calf, which is the worst length. No matter how beautiful your legs are, they will make you look short and thick, and also appear to be particularly short

Finally, the most suitable skirt length is 4-5cm below the knee. Although the size of the skirt length has been changing (some market economists have shown that the female skirt length is related to economic development), the standard length is 4-5cm above the knee, which is the most comfortable and best looking length to wear

what are the precautions for women to wear in the workplace

1. Moderate size

The shortest coat can be waist high, the longest skirt can reach the middle of the calf, and the sleeve length of the coat should cover the wrist

2. Wear it carefully

Be well dressed. The collar of the coat should be completely turned over, and the cover of the pocket should be pulled out to cover the pocket or drape over the body; All buttons are fastened. It is not allowed to untie part or all of it, and it is not allowed to take off your coat casually in front of others

3. Pay attention to occasions

In all kinds of formal activities, it is generally better for women to wear skirts, especially in foreign-related activities. In other cases, it is not necessary to wear a skirt. When attending banquets, dances, and concerts, you can choose a dress or fashion that matches this kind of appearance. In such a highly relaxed occasion, wearing a dress will make you “out of tune” with the scene, and may also affect others’ emotions. Casual clothes such as casual clothes and sportswear are the most suitable for sightseeing, shopping and fitness

4. Dress should coordinate makeup

Usually dress up, pay attention to the uniform style of dress, makeup and accessories, which complement each other. When wearing professional women’s clothes, you must maintain your personal image, so you can’t wear makeup, but you can’t wear heavy makeup. Choose less accessories, in line with identity. At work, it’s OK not to wear any jewelry

5. Give consideration to behavior

The skirt suit can best reflect the feminine curve, which requires you to behave gracefully and pay attention to your personal appearance. When you put on a skirt, you should stand firmly and upright. You can’t stand with your legs apart and stagger. After sitting, be sure to pay attention to your posture. Don’t separate your legs too much, or tilt up one leg and shake your toes; You can’t even shake your shoes on your toes, or even take off your shoes in public. When walking, you can’t run with big steps, but only walk in small steps, with light and steady steps. If you can’t reach something, you can ask others for help. Don’t be brave, especially don’t lift your toes, stretch your arms and reach it hard, or bend over and probe to get it

6. Wear petticoats

When wearing a skirt suit, you must wear a petticoat. Especially when wearing a skirt with thin fabrics such as silk, cotton, hemp or light colored fabrics, if you don’t wear a petticoat, it is likely to make your underwear “vivid”. You can choose the petticoat with breathable, hygroscopic, thin and soft fabrics, and it should be monochrome, such as white, flesh color, etc., which must be coordinated with the color of the outer skirt. Do not show any patterns. It should be the right size, not too fat

7. Height of petticoat

When wearing a petticoat, the skirt waist cannot be higher than the skirt waist of the skirt, otherwise it will be exposed. Tuck the bottom of the shirt between the waist of the petticoat and the waist of the pullover, not into the waist of the petticoat

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