How To Match Women’s Shirts? 5 Kinds Of Shirts Are Fashionable To Wear, Showing Their Temperament And Star Style

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shirt, whether worn inside or outside, can wear a different taste. It is a highly utilized item in the wardrobe. But how to match women’s shirts? Shirt with A-line skirt, sweet; In the workplace, you can use a shirt with a hip wrap skirt, which is capable and elegant; Matching with broad legs adds an intellectual beauty; Wear it with jeans and shorts, casual and full of vitality. Next, I will introduce fiveshirtsfashionable ways to wear them, so that you can easily look like a star

Fashionable wearing method of shirt

sweet style: printed shirt +a-line skirt

wearing Guide: A-line skirt can hide meat well, show thin and reduce age. It can be said to be a versatile skirt, which is simple and generous without losing sweetness when paired with printed shirt, and even reduce age when paired with a pair of small white shoes. However, in collocation, we should pay attention to the echo of upper and lower colors and the harmony of tones

Shopping points: if you want to wear a sweet style, you’d better choose a shirt dotted with dots or small broken flowers. It’s eye-catching, but it doesn’t have a strong sense of existence, and it’s easier to match. Printed shirts with bows, ruffles and other designs are sweet and aging

workplace style: solid color shirt + Hip Wrap Skirt

wearing Guide: shirt and hip wrap skirt are the most classic collocation in the workplace. The length of hip wrap skirt is knee high, which can show a good figure and easy to move. Shirt can neutralize the femininity of Hip Wrap Skirt, show a generous and capable ol temperament, and add elegance with a pair of high heels

Shopping points: if you want to get rid of the rigid workplace image, you can choose the macarone shirt with low saturation to make the whole person more gentle. The collar is designed with streamers, ear buds, etc., which can increase the overall highlight and make the workplace life more lively

temperament: Chiffon shirt + wide legged pants

wearing Guide: the hot wide legged pants in recent years have a sense of fashion. They are a versatile piece that shows thin meat. They have a high tolerance for the body. With a simple shirt, they are capable and stylish, casual and generous, showing women’s intellectual beauty. Even in the workplace, they are very suitable

Shopping points: the shirt with simple design can better highlight its own good temperament. It is best to choose a pure color chiffon shirt or silk shirt, which has a strong sense of sag and texture. The style is good to fit, not too large, so as to avoid being sloppy

casual style: checked shirt + jeans

Dressing Guide: the collocation of shirt and jeans is very common. If you want to be brilliant, you have to pay attention to the collocation. Torn jeans have a full street sense. Collocation with checked shirt or striped shirt can easily deduce leisure casual. You can also match with slim jeans and white T, tie the checked shirt to the waist, casual and vibrant

Shopping points: the plaid shirt with large plaid and interlaced thick and thin lines can wear more casual. You can choose bright plaid in red, yellow, green and other colors to make the whole more eye-catching. The loose style can wear more casual fashion

youth style: Korean shirt + shorts

wearing Guide: even in summer, the shirt can still be used to wear and match with shorts, coupled with a pair of small white shoes, which is youthful and energetic. You can also wear a T-shirt inside, using the shirt as a sunscreen jacket, tying the hem or binding it into pants, which is invincible and shows leg length

Shopping points: the large Korean shirt can easily wear a young girl’s feeling. The colors can be pink, blue and other simple colors. The slightly longer version has more space to match. Choose fresh and breathable fabrics, which are more suitable for hot summer

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