What Are The Suit Accessories? Business Men’S Dress Accessories Guide

In addition to a tie that can be changed, only a few parts such as tie clip, cufflinks and brooch can show their personality. On the whole, men’s suits are simple and elegant. If you want to show your taste and charm, you should start with the details of accessories. Every accessory of the suit has a long history and traditional orthodox practices. Although there have been many changes, they are inseparable from the two factors of etiquette and Appropriateness. All accessories on the suit should be matched with each other, which is harmonious with the whole body effect. What are the suit accessories? Let’s take a look at the business men’s dress accessories guide

Tie clip

function of tie clip

¢Ù Clip the tie on the shirt lapel, the tie will appear straight, will not be blown up by the wind, and will not hang straight to the ground when bending over. Show respect and courtesy for others

¢Ú The popularity of classic retro style makes traditional men’s accessories return one after another. The tie clip can enhance men’s taste and highlight the fashion flavor of the present generation

how to use the tie clip

¢Ù When wearing a suit, it is not necessary to use it only when wearing a long sleeved shirt, let alone when wearing a jacket

¢Ú The tie clip is clamped between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt, and then the button of the suit is buttoned

¢Û Tie clip must be used to tie the tie. Its function is to clip the tie and shirt together and fix them on the chest

¢Ü Generally, the position of wearing the tie clip should be at the lower three-quarters of the tie knot. It is not suitable for too high or too low. [details +]


  • how to match them

    ¢Ù crystal glass cufflinks are best matched with white shirts because they are transparent

    ¢Ú The red shirt with gold cufflinks is gorgeous and sometimes fashionable

    ¢Û Black, white and grey shirts with Silver Cufflinks have a calm and noble effect

    ¢Ü At a friend’s wedding banquet, the cuffs of the retro Chinese knot are very fashionable and elegant

  • how to choose

    ¢Ù choose the Cufflinks that are consistent with the level of the dress and shirt you are wearing

    ¢Ú See what kind of occasion you want to attend, and then choose the Cufflinks for the corresponding occasion

    ¢Û Choose Cufflinks that match the color of your tie

    ¢Ü Choose Cufflinks that match the material of the tie clip. [detailed +]

pocket towel

collapse method

The two corner folding method creates two corner layers in a staggered triangle shape. The distance and width of the two corners can be adjusted by the wearer, and then the excess silk scarves on the left and right sides can be concentrated in the middle to the retractable pocket

Trigonometry is a formal trigonometry, which can create trigonometry of different shapes through different folding methods. This trigonometry is to create three triangle styles of the same size by three 45 degree angle dislocation folding

matching method

Pocket square can be in many forms

Although our common pocket square scarves are usually made of flax, wool, cotton and silk, and usually the size is basically within 12*12, in fact, square scarves of any material and size can be used as pocket square scarves. As long as it is light and thin, and can be put into the pocket in front of the suit after folding without being bloated, there is no need to stick to its material and size

Pocket squares are not always square

Most of the pocket square scarves we see are really named. But in fact, they can be any shape, such as triangle, rectangle or circle, which can be used as pocket square. Because we need to fold them into the pocket of the suit, the shape will not affect the effect of the back, let alone different shapes can bring different fashion sense! [detailed +]


wearing rules of men’s Brooch

¢Ù For men’s suits, if they are clothes with collars, the brooch should be worn on the left. If they are clothes without collars, the opposite is true

¢Ú If there are bangs, or the hair style is often partial, the position of the brooch should be opposite to the position of the hair style. If your hair is short or medium, don’t worry about these details

¢Û Before wearing the brooch, it should be consistent with their own clothes. People wearing suits can choose to wear some men’s broochs with pure colors and large models

tips for men’s Brooch selection

¢Ù When wearing a hard and thick suit, you can choose a brooch with a larger volume, and the material should be a brooch with a hard metal shell as much as possible

¢Ú When wearing a shirt or a thin woolen sweater, you can wear a brooch with novel and unique style and small volume

¢Û For clothing with asymmetric and irregular lines, if the brooch is pinned in the middle, it can play a role of visual balance

¢Ü If you put a brooch with a pendant on the collar edge of the suit, you will add a few threads of active movement to the solemnity. [details +]


how to wear men’s corsage

Men always wear the brooch in a strict way. When wearing clothes with a brooch collar, the brooch should be worn on the left side; Wear the clothes without leader on the right; When the hair style is left, it should be worn on the right, otherwise it should be worn on the left; Moreover, the upper and lower positions of the corsage should be parallel between the first and second buttons

how to match the corsage

If it is a standard suit such as black, white and gray, there will be no mistakes with any style of brooch and flowers. But it should be noted that too orthodox suits should also be accompanied by elegant and noble brooches. In daily life, we should try our best to avoid wearing broochs on clothes with large patterns, which not only can not add color to the overall shape, but also has the embarrassment of painting a snake and adding feet. [detailed +]

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