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suits are also called suits. They are the appellation of Chinese people for clothes from the West. Suits are usually the first choice for men in more formal occasions for employees of companies and government agencies. Of course, there are also women’s suits, usually small suits, which are mostly used in business occasions, while women usually wear formal gowns when attending formal occasions such as banquets rather than suits. Next, let’s take a look at the Encyclopedia of western suit knowledge with Xiaobian

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    1 introduction to suits

    suits are also called “suits” and “dresses”. Suits are a kind of “foreign culture”. In China, people often call jackets with lapels, lapels, three pockets and a length below the hip line “suits”, which is obviously the appellation of the Chinese people for clothes from the West. After China’s reform and opening up in 1992, suits entered the mainland market. Suit refers to Western-style clothing in a broad sense, which is European clothing relative to “Chinese clothing”. In a narrow sense, it refers to western style tops or suits

    2. Suit type

    classified by wearer

    According to the gender and age of the wearer, suits can be divided into men’s suits, women’s suits and children’s suits

    classification by occasion

    According to the occasion, suits can be divided into formal clothes and casual clothes

    Among them, the formal dress can be divided into regular dress (also called morning dress, worn during the day and daily), small dress (also called evening dress, worn at night) and tuxedo

    classification by number of suits

    According to the number of suits, there are single suits, two suits and three suits

    classified by top button

    According to the button arrangement of the suit jacket, it is divided into single breasted suit jacket and double breasted suit jacket

    classification by version

    The so-called version refers to the appearance outline of a suit. Strictly speaking, there are four basic types of suits: European suits, British suits, American suits and Japanese suits. [details]

    3. Guide for choosing suits size of suits fabric of suits customization of suits 4. Matching skills of suits 5. Etiquette of suits

    1. Style and occasion of suits. If the suit is used as a formal dress for social occasions, the color should be dark, preferably made of wool. In semi formal communication occasions, such as general meetings in the office, you can wear suits with lighter colors. In informal occasions, such as going out to play, shopping, etc., for example, wearing a suit, it is best to wear a single coat with pants of other colors and fabrics

    2. Essentials of suit wearing. Generally, a suit with double breasted buttons should be buttoned. If you wear a single breasted suit, if you have two buttons, only one button on the top, and if you have three buttons, then one button in the middle. In some informal occasions, you can do without buttons. Be sure to button up your shirt cuffs when you wear a suit. There is usually a buttonhole on the lapel of a suit, which is called an eyelet. It is used to insert flowers when attending weddings, funerals or grand banquets and ceremonies. In China, people generally do not have this habit. It is not suitable to put too many things in the pockets and trouser pockets of the suit. It is best to put things in the inner pockets on the left and right sides of the suit. There is a pocket outside the left chest of the suit, which is used for handkerchief

    3. Suits and shirts. When wearing a suit, the shirt sleeve should be 1-2 cm longer than the suit sleeve, and the shirt collar should be about 1 cm higher than the suit collar. The hem of the shirt must be tucked into the trousers. If you don’t wear a tie, the collar of the shirt should be open. In formal social occasions, the best color of the shirt is white

    4. Suit and tie. Tie is the soul of suit. All those who participate in formal social activities should wear a tie in a suit. The length of the tie should reach the belt buckle. If you wear a vest or sweater, the tie should be placed behind them. The tie clip is usually clamped between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt

    5. Suits, shoes and socks. Cloth shoes, sandals or tourist shoes are not suitable for wearing suits. A serious suit should be matched with dark brown or black leather shoes. The color of socks should be darker than the suit, and the design and color should be as simple and generous as possible

    6. Do not put too many things in the jacket pocket and pants pocket of the suit. Don’t wear too many suits and underwear. It’s best to wear only one shirt in spring and autumn. Don’t wear a sweater inside the shirt in winter. You can wear a sweater outside the shirt. Wearing too much will damage the overall line beauty of the suit

    7. The trademark on the cuff of the suit should be removed, otherwise it does not conform to the dress code of the suit and will make people laugh at elegant occasions. [details]

    6 tips for suit maintenance how to wash a suit

    remove items from your pocket

    After returning home, change clothes immediately, that is, take out the items in the pocket. If the pocket is filled with things and hung, the clothes are easy to deform

    always clean clothes

    Dust is the biggest enemy of the suit, which will make the suit lose its freshness. Therefore, it is necessary to brush the dust gently with a brush. Sometimes the suit is stained with other fibers or dust that is not easy to remove, which can be adsorbed with adhesive tape, and the effect is very good

    simple wrinkle removal for suit

    The suits worn or kept in the wardrobe for a long time are hung in a place with little humidity, which is conducive to fiber recovery. However, excessive humidity affects the shaping effect of suits. Generally, woolen suits can be placed in an environment with a relative humidity of 35%-40% for one night to remove clothes wrinkles

    the suit should be hung on a hanger

    The best way to hang a suit is a wide handle arc-shaped suit special hanger made of wood or plastic. Most of these hangers are made into clothes and trousers combined hangers. Pants can be hung with clothes and trousers combined hangers, or with a special pants rack with clips. Align the pants lines, clamp the pants legs, and hang upside down

    collection of suits

    Before collecting suits, remove dirt from clothes and send them to dry cleaners for dry cleaning. After dry cleaning, hang them with clothes hangers. Put naphthalene, camphor and other insecticides in your pockets, put on a plastic sleeve and collect them. The best place to collect suits is a place with good ventilation and low humidity

    can the suit be washed in a washing machine

    Never wash the suit with a washing machine or dry it with a washing machine. In this way, the suit will be out of shape. In addition, the suit must be hung up on a clothes rack to make it look straight and beautiful

    How to iron a suit

    1. Start with the front. In the longitudinal direction, the clothes are leveled while being dragged

    2. The sleeves are ironed back and forth from the cuff to the shoulder

    3. When pressing the shoulder, use a rolled towel to press it on the shoulder, which can give a three-dimensional feeling

    4. Use the corner of the ironing board to iron clothes from the shoulder to the back

    5. When ironing the front, use the cross face of the iron from top to bottom

    6. The folding of the collar shall be subject to the upper 1/3 of the trademark

    7. The correct way to wear a suit how to wear a man’s suit

    1. The bottom button of the suit doesn’t need to be buttoned. It is a basic principle to wear a suit that the bottom button of the suit must be open. Moreover, it is a dress code to open the front button of the coat when sitting

    2. Pay attention to whether the lower end of the tie is exposed from the swing seam. Since the length of the tie cannot be selected according to our height, we can adjust the tie knot or tuck the long part at the bottom of the tie into the waistband

    3. The dimensions of the lapel of the coat, the collar of the shirt and the width of the tie must be coordinated. Pay attention to whether the width of the upper lapel, the length of the collar of the shirt and the width of the tie are the same. If one of the sizes is different from the other extreme, the whole match should be readjusted

    4. The top coat pocket cover must be turned out. The top coat pocket cover is usually turned out on formal occasions

    5. Tie knot shall be properly adjusted according to the size of neckline. Now, tie knot is decided by the change of collar shape. For example, the basic point of the splayed collar is to tie the tie loosely

    6. In principle, the color of belt and leather shoes should be the same. Reasonable color matching is a major principle for how to wear a suit appropriately. According to this principle, the colors of general leather shoes and belts should be the same. If the strap is made of leather, it is best to match it with the same color, so it will be more coordinated on the whole

    7. The belt only uses the eye hole in the middle, and the others are only used for decoration. The number of holes in the belt is approximately odd, and the size is determined based on the hole in the middle. If the waistline changes, you must change the belt that suits you

    8. The length of trousers is based on the fact that the trouser legs are gently and naturally covered on the vamp. The length of trousers is the most suitable when people stand upright, the front swing seam gently touches the vamp, and slightly creases forward. It is now the mainstream in the world to cover half of the heel

    9. The shirt must be visible from the back collar of the upper garment. Check whether the shirt is exposed by 1.5~2cm from the back collar of the upper garment. If it is exposed according to the regulations, it can prove that the collar and shoulder blades are very close, which will give people a sense of straightness and cleanness

    10. The color of socks must not be too conspicuous. The color of socks must not be too conspicuous. Its basic color matching method is: the same color as the trousers or slightly darker than the trousers. It can also match the color of leather shoes. In short, an important principle is that socks should be regarded as an extension of pants or leather shoes

    11. There should be no hot seam at the hip of the trousers. The middle seam of the trousers will give people a feeling of straightness and energy after ironing, but it is best to iron it below the hips. Because the hot seam extends to the hips, which will affect the beauty of the legs

    12. The cuff of the shirt must be 1~1.5cm above the upper cuff. If the sleeve length of the shirt does not match that of the upper garment, it will leave the impression of informality. Therefore, it should be noted that the shirt cuffs must be 1~1.5cm longer than the upper cuffs

    13. The lapel of the first button should be turned out naturally and freely. The lapel (lower collar) of the upper garment has no creases. The part above the first button must be turned out naturally, that is, pay attention to the softness of this part when ironing

    How to wear women’s suits

    1. If it is a formal occasion, women should wear a complete set of suits to show their seriousness. Wear a suit to emphasize an overall effect. All decorations, shoes and socks should be matched, close to the theme, and not messy

    2. Women should wear suits that are suitable, not too large or too small. If it is too big, it will make people feel stiff, loose and lose their demeanor. Too small, will show cramped and restrained, no beauty

    3. Women also need to pay attention to the clothing matching effect when wearing suits. If you don’t wear a tie, you can choose a shirt with a little streamer or lace. If you wear a plain woolen sweater inside, you can wear a delicate Rhinestone ornament at the collar of the suit. Remember not to turn out the collar just because the underwear looks good

    4. On informal occasions, suits can be matched with pants and skirts of different colors and textures, which will make people feel friendly and free and easy. If you wear a suit like this, you will definitely look different and look different. [details]

    8 what brand of suit is good

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