How Do Different People Match Their Clothes In Four Seasons? Men’s, Women’s And Children’s Four Seasons Dressing Manual

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in today’s era of fashion trends, everyone is pursuing their own personalization, whether men, women, young or old, in different seasons and festivals, they have different styles and costumes to adapt to the changes of seasonal weather. So, how do different people match their clothes in four seasons? The following editor will share with you the men’s, women’s and children’s four seasons dressing manual, which introduces the dressing collocation of men, women, middle-aged and elderly people, children and pregnant women from four aspects: spring clothing, summer clothing, autumn clothing and winter clothing. Let’s have a look

Spring clothes matching for different groups

spring women’s clothes matchingwhen going shopping, you can choose to wear medium and long shirts inside the knitted cardigan and tight Leggings under it, which is both comfortable and warm, and more fashionable and casual; In addition to small suits, medium and long windbreakers and knitted sweaters are also a very attractive combination for workplace commuting, which is full of style

men’s wear in springyou can choose a cowboy shirt on the casual street, with an open T-shirt inside, loose casual pants underneath, and a baseball cap, which is handsome and eye-catching when out of the street; For business commuting, you should dress formally. A solid color long sleeved shirt and trousers are standard. You can bring a small suit to deal with the temperature difference between morning and evening

spring children’s wear matchingfor boys, versatile T-shirts are a must, and basically nothing is easy to make mistakes. In addition, shirts and thin sweaters are also very good; For the girl baby, how can we get less temperament dress, coupled with leggings and small windbreaker, a proper little princess style

spring clothes for middle-aged and elderly peopleif mothers want to wear age reduction effects, they might as well try a trench coat. They can choose a slightly bright color with a close fitting bottomed shirt inside, which looks young and energetic; Dad’s clothes are inseparable from jackets, which are simple in style, neat in shape, very stylish and tasteful, and can cope with various occasions

spring maternity clothes matchingpregnant mothers in spring are still very good at dressing and matching. Loose white shirts are never out of style, and all kinds of body shapes look stylish; High waist or loose dress, very temperament, even if the stomach gets bigger in the future, you can still wear it; In addition, add a knitted cardigan, which is warm and gentle

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summer clothing matching for different groups

summer women’s clothing matchingif you want to wear a fresh literary style, the essential items are dresses and cotton linen, chiffon clothing, which are refreshing and can also create the effect of age reduction; If you want to wear a youthful style, you can simply print a T-shirt with hot pants and short skirts, which is full of youth

summer men’s wear matchinglike casual street style, you might as well try printing T-shirts with seasonal denim shorts and casual sandals, which looks casual and fashionable as a whole; I like business gentleman style. In addition to simple short sleeved shirts and trousers, polo shirts are also a good choice, which combines the comfort of casual clothes with the maturity of business clothes

summer children’s wear withcasual T-shirts are the most common clothes for children in summer, especially with various cartoon cute patterns, which show the baby’s cute innocence. Matching with denim shorts or shorts short sleeved suit is a very popular way of matching, which is suitable for both sports and leisure

summer clothes for middle-aged and elderly menmiddle-aged and elderly men are more suitable for polo shirts and shirts in summer. Wearing casual khaki pants and leather shoes under them is suitable for both leisure and business; The middle-aged and elderly women choose a looser top, such as a printed T-shirt or chiffon skirt, and the lower body is matched with cropped pants and flat soled shoes, which is more intellectual

summer maternity clothes matchingduring pregnancy, the skin will become sensitive and prone to sweating, especially in hot summer, maternity clothes should choose breathable and skin friendly fabrics such as cotton and hemp, mainly loose T-shirts and maternity skirts, and the lower body can be matched with bottoming pants or panty socks with abdominal support function

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autumn clothing matching for different groups

autumn women’s clothing matchingwhite shirts are the essential basic items for girls’ wardrobes in early autumn. They are simple and stylish to match with wide legged pants, and sexy and fashionable to match with medium and long skirts; When you can’t find clothes in the new season, the sweater is simply a life-saving medicine. It’s slim and fashionable to wear it with torn jeans. It’s lazy and sexy to wear a short skirt and a pair of fashionable white shoes inside

autumn men’s wear matchingif you have a fashionable and young heart, Pullover Sweater is definitely a piece you can’t refuse, and white shirt inside is also a hot matching method in recent years; In addition, windbreaker as a wind-proof weapon in autumn, how can it be less? It is fashionable and elegant to wear a checked shirt and a cashmere scarf at the same time

autumn children’s clothing matchinggirls’ autumn clothing might as well try fresh literary style, knitted sweater with skirt or national style small red skirt, white shirt inside, giving people full of fairy temperament; Boys’ autumn clothes can try the British Academy style, with round neck sweaters and shirts superimposed, suspenders and small bow ties dotted, classic little gentleman style

autumn clothes for middle-aged and elderly peopleloose bottoms and wide legged pants are the simplest and timeless wear for middle-aged women in autumn. If it’s a little cold, you can wear a knitted cardigan or thin windbreaker; Middle aged men can choose to match the plaid shirt with the gray coat, which is simple and classic, effectively reducing the greasy feeling

autumn maternity wear matchingyou can choose a warm knitted cardigan with a lady’s dress, and the pregnant mother can also show a sweet image. In autumn, it’s best to wear leggings to keep warm and look thin; Or a sweater with a vest skirt, with a slightly mature taste, pregnant mothers who are still in the workplace can also turn the whole company around

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winter clothing matching for different groups

winter women’s clothing matchingin addition to keeping warm, winter women’s clothing should also pay attention to fashion matching. Loose down jacket with leggings and sneakers, casual; A long woolen coat with a dress inside and bare boots is very feminine; The H-shaped tweed coat is matched with a skirt and high heels, which makes it a capable model in the workplace

winter men’s wear matchingdown jackets, woolen overcoats, sweaters, boots, etc. are essential warm clothing for winter men’s wear. If you take the business gentleman route, you might as well try woolen coats and sweaters. If you take the sports and leisure route, light down jackets and sweaters are good choices

winter children’s wear matchingit is very important for children to wear warm clothes in winter. Matching should give consideration to cold protection and fashion. Woolen coat with a high collar bottomed shirt, coupled with leggings and leather boots, looks like a trendy child; Fashionable printed cotton clothes, with leggings and snow boots, are playful and cute, showing the sweet side of the baby

collocation of winter clothes for middle-aged and elderly peoplethe collocation of winter clothes for middle-aged and elderly people should follow the principle of simplicity and practicality, which can not only keep warm in winter, but also appear generous. Warm cotton padded clothes + woolen sweaters + casual pants + warm leather shoes are versatile ways to wear in winter. Because the middle-aged and elderly people are weak, they can also add warm underwear to prevent cold

matching of winter maternity clotheson the premise of keeping warm, winter maternity clothes pay attention to lightness and simplicity. The clothing style is based on the principle of comfort and generosity, and it is also simple and easy to take off. You can choose a warm woolen coat or down jacket, with a high neck sweater inside and plush jeans on the lower body, which is both warm and fashionable

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temperature and dressing index dressing index refers to the thickness of clothes required to keep the body surface temperature constant or keep the human body in a comfortable state. The dressing meteorological index is divided into 8 levels. The smaller the index is, the thinner the dressing thickness is. Let’s take a look at the dressing suggestions under different indexes:

level temperature ℃ thickness mm dressing suggestions
1-1 28~32.9 0 the weather is hot, suitable for summer clothes such as cotton and linen shirts, thin skirts, thin T-shirts, etc. Old and weak: long sleeved shirts and trousers
2 25~27.9 0~1.5 the weather is hot, suitable for summer clothes such as short shirts, skirts, suits, T-Shirts, etc. Old and weak: single layer thin pants, thin cotton shirts
3 23~24.9 1.5~2.4 the weather is warm, which is suitable for spring and autumn transitional clothes such as single-layer cotton and linen short suits, T-Shirts, thin jeans, casual wear, professional suits, etc. For the elderly and weak, please increase or decrease your clothes appropriately
4-1 21~22.9 2.41~4.0 the weather is warm, which is suitable for long sleeved shirts and pants, single-layer thin pants, thin cotton shirts and other spring and Autumn transitional clothes; Old and weak: Knitted long sleeved shirt + vest, trousers, thin suit
5 15.0~17.9 6.01~7.0 the weather is warm and cool, suitable for spring and autumn clothing such as jacket, vest shirt, trousers, jacket, suit suit and thin woolen sweater. Old and weak: jacket or windbreaker plus sweater
6-1 13~14.9 7.01~8 the weather is slightly cold, suitable for a sweater, jacket, suit, vest shirt + jacket with pants and other spring and autumn clothing; Old and weak: thick coat plus sweater, tweed coat plus sweater
7-1 5~7.9 10.01~11 the weather is slightly cold, suitable for thick spring and autumn clothing such as sweaters, windbreakers, coats, leather jackets, coats, wool suits, suits, and cold suits; For the elderly and weak, winter clothing: one or two woolen sweaters + coats or wool suits, thin cotton coats, etc
8-1 -9.9~-5 ≥ 13 the weather is cold, and winter clothing: Cotton padded clothes, down jackets, winter coats, leather jackets and woolen sweaters, tweed jackets, woolen hats, gloves, etc; The old and weak should go out as little as possible
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