Types Of Men’S Pants What Are The Style Categories Of Men’S Pants


there are many kinds of men’s pants. According to the fabric, they can be divided into milk pants, casual pants, suit pants, etc. according to the style, there are bell bottoms, straight pants, wide leg pants, low waist pants, tight pants, overalls, etc. different styles of pants have different styles and matching methods. Men need to choose different pants for different occasions, so how to choose men’s pants? Now let’s learn about the types and matching skills of men’s pants with Xiaobian


trousers mainly refer to the trousers worn together with the suit jacket. As the trousers are mainly worn in office and social occasions, on the premise of being comfortable and natural, attention should be paid to the coordination with the shape. When cutting, the amount of relaxation is moderate, giving people a sense of peace and steadiness


fabric: the fabric must be superior in order to give you a soft feeling. A suit that combines hardness with softness is a suit of high quality

size: you can usually achieve the appropriate effect by selecting according to the waist circumference. Please be careful when selecting narrow leg slim fitting trousers

hue: men above middle age look solemn and deep in dark colored trousers; Young men wear light colored trousers, which look lively, natural and lively

workmanship: check whether the trouser thread is in the middle, and there should be no serious cutting errors and sewing defects


shoes: brick red, black, brown, navy and gray belong to neutral colors, which can complement each other with any color of trousers

top: start with the shape matching. It must be a tight fitting series with bright lines and simple shapes

belt: the tail end of the belt should be between the first and second trouser trips after being tied; Generally, the belt width should be kept at 3cm. [pants matching guide > >]


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compared with other pants, due to the large foot opening, the straight pants are the same as the middle crotch, with a neat and stable feeling. They are versatile, and can be matched with various styles


hide defects: straight pants can weaken leg defects. For people whose legs are not straight enough and whose legs are not symmetrical, straight pants can cover up these problems

Covering the leg: covering the leg is thick: some people’s legs are not thick, but their legs are not thin. If their thighs are thick and their crotch is large, then only straight pants can save them

simple and neat: straight pants are more comfortable and beautiful. In addition, straight pants will not stick to the legs, making them more breathable and comfortable. Generally speaking, the straight pants now are nine point straight pants, and this length and version will also appear cleaner


top: match it with a sweater to create a gentle and warm feeling in autumn and winter, and it will become a warm man in seconds; The T-shirt is cute and cute, and has a lot of affinity; It looks elegant and easy to match with the shirt

shoes: casual shoes with simple collocation tend to have the most youthful attitude, not deliberate and not publicized; Match canvas shoes to show the Youth College style and street trend; Pair it with short boots, retro and yuppie; Wear it with sports shoes to make it look like a sunny sports man. [straight pants matching guide > >]


casual pants


style: small leg pencil pants, Harlan pants, straight pants, wide leg pants, suspenders, sports pants, beach pants, overalls

pants length: pants, cropped pants, cropped pants, cropped pants and shorts


version: the bottom of the trouser edge should be 1-0.5cm above the ground; Waist size should be appropriate; The cuffs should be contracted from top to bottom; When trying on, check whether the crotch is suitable. If it is not, it will look unnatural

fabric: generally pure cotton or cotton linen; Moderate hardness and thickness; It depends on the trademark, whether it is non ironing or not, because although casual pants do not need to be as straight as trousers, once pleated, it will affect the appearance

color: in fact, the colors of men’s casual pants are basically fixed, generally black, dark blue, smoke gray, dark brown, khaki, etc

details: check whether the stitches inside the zipper and pants are neat. Some designers like to make some designs in the waistband, such as using some bright colors or striped fabrics, so that the pants look more upscale


tops: generally match with shirts and T-shirts. Coats can match suit coats, windbreaker, cowboy coats, jackets, cotton padded clothes, down jackets, etc

shoes: a simple casual shoe or board shoe can be used. It can also be matched with military boots, giving people a very handsome feeling. [casual pants matching guide > >]

Harlan pants


Harun pants are a kind of conservative Muslim women’s clothing. The name of these pants comes from the Islamic word “Harun”. They originated from the wearing of women in the Islamic harem, so they are also called “Islamic Harem Pants”. Harlen pants have been shown on the catwalk by fashion brand designers, and have also been loved by more stars and trendy people


¢Ù the upper body is thin, comfortable and versatile, loose and large for leisure, but the sports style still has a stable and easy-going feeling

¢Ú fashionable micro pants are more in line with young people’s aesthetic, comfortable and unrestrained

¢Û no matter what kind of body, it is all held, inclusive of all kinds of body types, and has a sense of hierarchy as a whole


T-shirt: hip hop style makes you a lot easier and makes you look attractive, not frivolous, fashionable and tasteful

suit coat: pointed casual leather shoes, paired with an irregular black suit coat, instantly become a European and American fashion style

knitwear: knitwear and canvas shoes are typical representatives of College style. The suit Harlan pants can not only show the handsome, but also highlight the trendy taste

shirt: gray elastic belt Harlan pants are very casual. Tie one side of the shirt hem into the waistband and mix with Oxford leather shoes to make the British style stand out. [Hallen pants matching guide > >]



Suit Shorts: men with good-looking and symmetrical legs can freely wear suit shorts to mix and match. Boys’ shorts can also be matched with bottoms. But generally, only suits and shorts can

casual Shorts: fancy shorts or beach pants are usually worn with a simple T-shirt or polo shirt, preferably in solid color, and the pattern should not be too publicized. Shoes are also very simple. You can’t choose color matching

Denim Shorts: grey denim shorts are easy to wear with clothes, while traditional blue needs to consider more elements. We must choose the one with simple style. Denim shorts are very versatile

Sports Shorts: wide trouser legs are suitable for slightly stronger boys. They are simple, fashionable, confident and easy to wear with a simple T-shirt and a pair of casual board shoes. Generally, this type is designed with multiple pockets


length: for boys’ shorts, basically we only need to discuss the knee length and about 10 cm above the knee. Knee length shorts can be worn on more occasions. Boys always feel a little indecent when they wear too short pants

looseness: the looseness of shorts should be in proportion to the thickness of your legs. It is appropriate that the pants should be three fingers wide. If you have a good figure, you can certainly wear tight fitting ones, but the side effect of tight fitting is that it is easy to look feminine

style: style and tailoring must be simple! Forget the sports shorts like basketball and football. Don’t wear them outside of sports. For ordinary people, it is easier to control the slim and loose type, and the loose type is not as easy to show short legs as the tight type. In any case, please firmly reject the baggy pants JB loves and the pants with many pockets

color: Tibetan blue, black, khaki and denim are the first colors, which are easy to match and buy. It doesn’t matter how dark the denim is


T-shirts: t-shirts are the best to wear. You can find suitable ones for all ages and temperament. They are elastic and tight. White T-shirts must be available. It’s really easy to wear. Remember that white clothes must be snow-white

polo shirt: apart from others, polo shirts must look high-end and slim. There are no others

shirt: if you are tall, you can wear a loose shirt with slightly slim shorts, or wear it outside your vest as a coat. Is the shirt tucked in or put out? I think it’s easy to look feminine when I tuck in the slim clothes. It’s too tough for my body, and it’s far from comfortable when I put them out (are you not tied enough when you go to work during the day). So it’s better to put on a slim shirt directly, which is fresh, good-looking and comfortable

vest: don’t wear it easily. It’s not polite. I think it’s generally necessary to match a good figure with a handsome face, or add a coat (I’d rather not wear a vest if it’s too hot)

shoes and socks: shoes must look clean and new, especially white sports shoes. Either do not wear socks (it is easy for feet to smell), or wear socks instead of stockings, which are difficult for ordinary people to control. [men’s shorts matching guide > >]



The suspenders in the trousers are only connected by two straps, while there are many chest patches in overalls and modern fashion. The name of modern pants, also known as “rice pants” or “overalls”, is to add a breast protector (commonly known as rice pants) to ordinary pants or shorts, and wear it with a strap instead of a belt


T-shirt: the original color cowboy suspenders are full of retro charm. When matched with a suitable cotton T-shirt and exquisite RETRO SUNGLASSES, men’s indifference and ruffian energy are all stimulated

shirt: the simple shirt and a playful bow tie are simple and flowing with a touch of frankness. The rolled up hem reveals a feeling of retro leisure

jeans: the collocation of jeans has become a mainstream trend that can not be ignored. The degree of washing and aging determines whether you are a high street or a yuppie

vest: this bold way of wearing can’t hide your inner sultry. Of course, it’s easy to burn your eyes. It depends mainly on your temperament. [matching guide for suspenders > >]

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